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Upendra Baxi has written:

'From Takrar to Karar'

'Liberty and corruption' -- subject(s): Political corruption, Bribery, Misconduct in office

'Environment Protection Act' -- subject(s): Environmental law, Environmental protection

'Socio-legal research in India : a programschrift' -- subject(s): Legal research

'Human rights in a posthuman world' -- subject(s): Human rights

'Inhuman wrongs and human rights' -- subject(s): Human rights, Civil rights

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Upendra Baxi is a legal scholar and author known for his work in the field of human rights and constitutional law. He has written extensively on issues such as legal theory, social justice, and democracy in various publications, including books like "The Future of Human Rights" and "Voices of Suffering."

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Upendra Baxi was born in 1938.

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Q: What has the author Upendra Baxi written?
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