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W. Hagemann has written:


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Q: What has the author W Hagemann written?
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What has the author Gustav Hagemann written?

Gustav Hagemann has written: 'Gustav Hagemann'

What has the author Meyly Baratta Hagemann written?

Meyly Baratta Hagemann has written: 'Hemingway's secret'

What has the author Carol Hagemann-White written?

Carol Hagemann-White has written: 'Legitimation als Anthropologie'

What has the author Johannes Franz Hagemann written?

Johannes Franz Hagemann has written: 'Computer aided process design'

What has the author Matthias Hagemann written?

Matthias Hagemann has written: 'Iniuria' -- subject(s): Iniuria (Roman law)

What has the author Walter Hagemann written?

Walter Hagemann has written: 'Der Film' 'Publizistik im dritten Reich'

What has the author Rudolf Hagemann written?

Rudolf Hagemann has written: 'Gentechnologische Arbeitsmethoden' 'Henry Litolff' -- subject(s): Biography, Composers

What has the author George Edward Hagemann written?

George Edward Hagemann has written: 'How to prepare an engineering report' -- subject(s): Language, Preparation, Reports, Technology

What has the author Kirsten Hagemann written?

Kirsten Hagemann has written: 'Vore nye elever' -- subject(s): Children of alien laborers, Children of immigrants, Education, Emigration and immigration, Multicultural education

What has the author Ute Joppich-Hagemann written?

Ute Joppich-Hagemann has written: 'Untersuchungen zu Wortfamilien der Romania Germanica' -- subject(s): Etymology, Foreign words and phrases, Germanic, Romance languages

What has the author Christoph Friedel Hagemann written?

Christoph Friedel Hagemann has written: 'Koln: Ville und mittlere Erft, Berg. Land, Solingen u. Leverkusen' 'Parken und Wandern im Naturpark Diemelsee'

What has the author Alfred P Hagemann written?

Alfred P. Hagemann has written: 'Wilhelmine von Lichtenau (1753-1820)' -- subject(s): Biography, Kings and rulers, Women art patrons, Paramours, Relations with women

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