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William S. Cain has written:

'Stimulus and sensation'

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What has the author William E Cain written?

William E. Cain has written: 'F.O. Matthiessen and the politics of criticism' -- subject(s): Criticism, Politics and literature, Theory, American literature, History and criticism, Criticism and interpretation, History

What has the author Anthony A Cain written?

Anthony A Cain has written: 'Paralegals' -- subject(s): Legal assistants, Bibliography

What has the author M J Cain written?

M. J. Cain has written: 'Near horizons' -- subject(s): Guidebooks

What has the author Marguerite Cain Crawford written?

Marguerite Cain Crawford has written: 'Cornshuck crafts' -- subject(s): Cornhusk craft

What has the author Christopher S Cain written?

Christopher S. Cain has written: 'Road map to your vacation property dream' -- subject(s): Real estate business, Vacation homes

What has the author T G S Cain written?

T. G. S. Cain has written: 'Tolstoy' -- subject(s): Criticism and interpretation, Tolstoy, Leo, graf, 1828-1910

What has the author Nancy Woodard Cain written?

Nancy Woodard Cain has written: 'Healing the child' -- subject(s): Sick children, Care

What has the author Nellie B Cain written?

Nellie B. Cain has written: 'Exploring the mysteries of life' -- subject(s): Occultism, Parapsychology

What has the author Ehud M Z Cain written?

Ehud M. Z. Cain has written: 'Me-Prusyah be-ahavah' -- subject(s): Jews, History

What has the author Roy F Cain written?

Roy F. Cain has written: 'Coprophilous Sphaeriales of Ontario' -- subject(s): Coprophilous fungi, Sphaeriales

What has the author William S Triplet written?

William S. Triplet has written: 'In the Philippines and Okinawa'

What has the author William S HENDRIX written?

William S. HENDRIX has written: 'Beginning French'

What has the author William S Birney written?

William S. Birney has written: 'Calcutta guide'

What has the author William S Brown written?

William S. Brown has written: 'Macroeconomics' -- subject(s): Macroeconomics

What has the author Steven Cain written?

Steven Cain has written: 'Sirius moonlight' -- subject- s -: Femininity, Feminist anthropology, Patriarchy 'One star awake'

What has the author Joe Cohen written?

Joe Cohen has written: 'Wandering Cain' -- subject(s): Fiction

What has the author Basil S Cain written?

Basil S. Cain has written: 'Vibration of rail and road vehicles' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Automobiles, Cars, Lending library, Railroads, Vehicles, Vibration

What has the author William S Locke written?

William S. Locke has written: 'Elcar and Pratt Automobiles'

What has the author William S Foster written?

William. S. Foster has written: 'This miserable pride of a soldier'

What has the author William S Reveno written?

William S. Reveno has written: 'Medical maxims III'

What has the author William S Mathis written?

William S. Mathis has written: 'Presidency of the United States'

What has the author William S Lacey written?

William S. Lacey has written: 'Welsh Wildlife in trust'

What has the author William S Spector written?

William S. Spector has written: 'Handbook of toxicology' -- subject(s): Toxicology

What has the author William S Tevis written?

William S. Tevis has written: 'The horse' -- subject(s): Horsemanship, Horses

What has the author William S Slusher written?

William S. Slusher has written: 'Shepherd of the wolves' -- subject(s): Fiction

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