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William. S. Foster has written:

'This miserable pride of a soldier'

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What has the author William Foster written?

William Foster has written: 'Introduction to general chemistry' -- subject(s): Chemistry

What has the author William Foster Hopkins written?

William Foster Hopkins has written: 'Murder is my business' -- subject(s): Biography, Lawyers

What has the author William Derek Foster written?

William Derek Foster has written: 'A history of parasitology' -- subject(s): Parasitology, History

What has the author William Foster Harris written?

William Foster Harris has written: 'The basic formulas of fiction' -- subject(s): Technique, Fiction

What has the author William Frederic Foster written?

William Frederic Foster has written: 'Latin maxims of Anglo-American law' -- subject(s): Legal maxims

What has the author Kent William Foster written?

Kent William Foster has written: 'Development and application of an analog scheme for predicting the intensification of Western North Pacific tropical cyclones' -- subject(s): Meteorology

What has the author Adriance S Foster written?

Adriance S. Foster has written: 'Comparative morphology of vascular plants'

What has the author Donald S Foster written?

Donald S. Foster has written: 'Landscape with Arabs' -- subject(s): Description and travel

What has the author Lois Foster written?

Lois Foster has written: 'Australian multiculturalism' -- subject(s): Minorities

What has the author Bryan Foster written?

Bryan Foster has written: 'Illustration for Profit' -- subject(s): Commercial art

What has the author Jane Foster written?

Jane Foster has written: 'An unamerican lady' -- subject(s): Biography, Communists

What has the author Stephen S Foster written?

Stephen S. Foster has written: 'The brotherhood of thieves' -- subject(s): Slavery, Slavery and the church, Slavery and the church.

What has the author James S Foster written?

James S Foster has written: 'Outlines of history of the Territory of Dakota' -- subject(s): Description and travel, History

What has the author Titus Foster written?

Titus Foster has written: 'Agaram Bagaram Baba' -- subject(s): Hindus, Biography

What has the author Charles James Foster written?

Charles James Foster has written: 'Elements of jurisprudence' -- subject(s): Jurisprudence

What has the author Ethel Field Foster written?

Ethel Field Foster has written: 'A light to your candle' -- subject(s): Spiritualism

What has the author Daniel Foster written?

Daniel Foster has written: 'Our nation's sins and the Christian's duty' -- subject(s): Slavery

What has the author Milton A Foster written?

Milton A. Foster has written: 'Labor and material' -- subject(s): Estimates, Heating, Plumbing

What has the author R L Foster written?

R. L. Foster has written: 'The nature of enzymology' -- subject(s): Enzymes

What has the author Jerod Foster written?

Jerod Foster has written: 'Storytellers' -- subject(s): Composition (Photography), Artistic Photography

What has the author Ralph Foster Weld written?

Ralph Foster Weld has written: 'Slavery in Connecticut' -- subject(s): Slavery

What has the author William S Cain written?

William S. Cain has written: 'Stimulus and sensation'

What has the author William S Triplet written?

William S. Triplet has written: 'In the Philippines and Okinawa'

What has the author William S HENDRIX written?

William S. HENDRIX has written: 'Beginning French'

What has the author William S Birney written?

William S. Birney has written: 'Calcutta guide'

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