What has the author Wynne Harlen written?

Wynne Harlen has written:

'Science (Guides to Assessment in Education)'

'Creativity and rationality in learning and teaching science'

'Match and mismatch' -- subject(s): Science, Study and teaching (Secondary), Study and teaching (Elementary)

'Raising Questions'

'Science at age 11' -- subject(s): Science, Ability testing, Study and teaching (Elementary)

'Assessment of Learning' -- subject(s): Students, Educational tests and measurements, Rating of.

'Student Assessment and Testing'

'Enhancing inquiry through formative assessment' -- subject(s): Inquiry (Theory of knowledge), Science, Study and teaching, Active learning

'Primary Science Review Collection'

'Research directions at a time of change in curriculum and assessment'

'Science in the Primary Curriculum (Charles Gittins Memorial Lecture)'

'Science, assessment framework age 11'

'The teaching of science in primary schools' -- subject(s): Science, Study and teaching (Elementary)

'Assessing Science in the Primary Classroom'