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Africa! South america's hottest day ever is 42c and Africa's is 46c

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On average, Africa has a hotter climate than Europe does.

The closer you get to the Equator, the hotter the climate gets.

Because the mediterranean climate is much more hotter.

Laos is hotter because it is nearer the equator.

The heat energy from the sun makes photosynthesis, so, a hotter climate. If the climate was hotter, the sun would be hotter. You could also use an an extra bright plant light.

volcanic gas and acid droplets can make the climate hotter because volcano gas is very hot and volcano acid is hot to so volcanic gas and acid can make the climate hotter no matter what.

== == It makes the climate hotter on the top layer and cooler on the bottom.

In a hotter climate, there are more conventional currents thus meaning that there will be more hot air rising which will effectively slow down the parachute. So in Colorado it will fall faster than in a hotter climate.

Hermit crabs typically live in a hotter climate. You would find them down in the Caribbeans, and northern South America.

Some parts of Australia are hotter than some parts of South Africa, and vice versa.

Africa is hotter than Asia but you might want to double check on different website just to be extra sure.

Mild Winters to Hotter Summers

Africa is the warmest continent.

Due to the nature of the terrain and the climate, South Africa will have a hotter Christmas than New Zealand. However, both countries celebrate Christmas during the summer month of December, so both countries have a hotter Christmas than countries in the northern hemisphere.

it is hotter, and general sequences of the weather are much hotter or colder, depending where you live.

yes but their summers are hotter

The climate was very hot. It was hotter than the hottest day we ever had. the climate was over 100 D.

Africa is closer to the equator and gets more sunlight

It varies from animal to animal. For example a camel's climate is much more hotter than of polar bear's climate

Because of the high humidity, the rainforest may seem hotter than the desert. However, the Sahara, overall, is much hotter than the rainforest.

a marine climate will generally be cooler in summer and milder in winter and a continental climate will be hotter in summer and colder in winter

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