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The United States government has passed laws to prevent pollution. The government has also placed taxes on fuels and dangerous chemicals to encourage businesses to find better alternatives. They also fine businesses or people who pollute.

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What can be done to prevent land pollution?

There is nothing that can be done to completely prevent land pollution. You can however educate the public on how to cut back on land pollution.

What could be done to prevent ozone pollution in the US?

There can be many things to prevent ozone pollution. Less CFC's and ground pollution can cause ozone pollution reduction.

What have governments done to prevent water pollution?

Governments have enacted clean water acts along with restrictions on pollution in order to prevent water pollution. They often fine or penalize companies for breaking these laws.

What are the steps taken by Government of India to prevent pollution?

The government of India has taken many steps to help prevent pollution in the country. They are phasing out old vehicles, they have mass transit, and all newer vehicles have Catalytic Converters.

What does the government do to prevent or control water pollution?

To create better or safer pesticides and herbicides.

How can you prevent radiation pollution?

we can prevent radiation pollution avoiding nuclear accidents

What are measures taken by government to prevent water pollution?

The government does not allow factories to be near the lakes, ponds and the other water bodies

What did the government do to prevent the hurricane?

Regardless of what hurricane this question refers to, the government has never done anything to prevent a hurricane, because hurricanes cannot be prevented.

What the thoughts on pollution of Conservatives Liberals and Radicals?

Conservative: There should be little government regulation of the environment. Pollution is of little concern Liberal: Government should heavily regulate the environment to prevent pollution Radical: pollution is caused by a small percentage of the world's population. Abolish private property and let those who are affected by the pollution determine how to deal with it.

How do you prevent from air pollution?

for prevent air pollution the government must make smoking areas for smoker. Example in office or in public place must made smoking areas. It can decrease air pollution in big cities. Beside that, we must reforestation. It can increase the oxygen. Also to ride less.

How can prevent an air pollution?

we can prevent air pollution in many ways; we can stop traffic in our city, we can prevent not burning crackers in our roads or buildings

What are the steps for prevention of nuclear pollution?

To prevent nuclear pollution, there are several things that must be done. Firstly, the place for a radioactive installation is carefully chosen. Secondly, a license must be applied for.

What can you do to prevent pollution?

to prevent pollution you could ride your bikes, turn off stuff(electrical devices). by shivansh.r

Why is it important to prevent air pollution?

its important to stop prevent air pollution because it could cause death.

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