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Golden Retrievers are prone to hip or elbow dysplasia, and congenital eye defects, such as cataracts. It is important to see that both parents are certified free of these problems (OFA and CERF certification). Parents should also be free of heart problems, and Von Willenbrand disease (a clotting/bleeding disorder). They can also be prone to skin Allergies.

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What countries do Golden Retreivers live?

Golden Retreivers are found everywhere except Antarctica.

What dog is golden?

Golden retreivers,some German sheperds.

What is the life span of golden retreivers?

Most Golden Retreivers live 10 to 12 years, but some can live up to 14 years.

Do golden retreivers have webbed feet?

No. They have paws.

Do golden retreivers snore when they sleep?

Yes, Golden Retrievers do snore when they sleep.

Can golden retreivers change colors?

No they can not change colors

What is the life expectancy for golden retreivers?

About 18 years depending on the dogs health. But if you want to learn more you can go to and research golden retrievers (on the website)Hope this answer helps!

What do labradors and golden retreivers have in common?

They are "Retrievers" and in the "Hunting" Family.

What kind of dog is the funnest to play with?

Labs , golden retreivers, and dachshunds

What threats do golden retreivers have?

There a loving, friendly, outgoing intelligent breed.

Are golden retreives playful?

Yes and no because some golden retreivers love to swim and some don't.

What information is there any info on golden retreivers?

For information on Golden Retrievers, here is a comprehensive website that is strictly about this breed.

Do golden retreivers need a lot of space?

not too much but they like to rome.

How many babies do Golden retreivers have?

thay have 17 or14 pups min had14.

About How much does an golden cocker spaniel cost?

Golden cocker retreivers also called a golden cocker spaniel cost about $600-$1000 because they are a mix breed

Why are golden retrievers so smart?

Golden Retreivers have a very good intelligence with humans. for so many years, dogs have gotten more intelligent. For Example, Dolphins have been living with humans and have been trained for years. Eventually, the retreivers have been trained for years too.

How many golden retrievers are there in the world today?

tere are probably around 20,000 or so golden retreivers left (in the U.S.A atleast). they are pretty popular

What are great names for golden retreivers?

Ollie, Mazie, Haley,Simba, Tucker, Winston, Roxy, Lucy, Sonny

Why are golden retreivers so friendly?

'Cause over the years only the friendly ones have been allowed to breed.

Are golden retreivers outside dogs?

They like being outside because they were breed to go get the game after its master shot it

What are five habitats of a golden retriever?

Retreivers are pets, you'll find them wherever there are enough humans to form cities.

How many golden retreivers are there?

the question is very general, but they are the 2nd most popular dog breed, so there are probably a lot.

Can golden retreivers go out in the winter?

yes they can because they have thick coats so they really like the snow so their not that hot

How many dogs can be therapy dogs?

Lot's of dogs can be therapy dogs.Here are some breeds:Golden RetreiversHuskiesLaborador Retrevers

Are golden retreivers friendly?

Golden Retrievers are the very nice just like any pet you have to take care of it and love it as a friend and as a brother or sister and you will grow to be the best of best companions.