What help does the earth need?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: What help does the earth need?
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Why we need the earth you need the earth so you can build houses and help other hy you need the earth?

it protects us from elves and unicorns

Is Earth Week Necessary?

Yes. Because we need to help are earth as much as we can so we can get what we need from nature.

Where does oxygen exists natrually on earth?

i need help on this2

How do you help a ghost?

If you mean help the ghost get off of earth, I can help. Spirits that are stuck on earth are usually lost and need your help. They are stuck on earth, between heaven and hell. When trying to help one find its way, say in a clear, strong voice, "Go towards the light" that will help them find heaven and they can be on their way.

How many light years is the earth the the other galaxies?

hi i need help with my homework

How many parallels are on the earth?

im thinking earth has about 4,000 parallels on it just kidding i need help with the same problem

Do veterinarians help the earth?

no they do not help the earth

What percent of all living things that have ever been on earth have disappeared?

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Why do you need crocodileshow dose this animal help the earth?

if this animal did not eat meat we would have to moch

What are cracks in the Earth's crust from which lava is released during a volcanic eruption?

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What does californium do to help earth?

Californium don't help the earth !

Describe a change in geographic connections that has affected the distribution of organisms during earth's history?