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I think you mean the allies.

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Q: What helped the Americans win World War 2?
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How did the Americans help the Allies win World War 1?

The Americans helped the Allies by sending resources to them during WWI.

Who helped the Americans win the revolutionary war against the British?

The French

What country helped the Americans win the war by bringing troops and ships?


What people helped the Americans win the revelutionary war?

The French, Dutch and Spaniards.

How did America entering World War 2 effect the world?

It helped win the war

How did Molly Pitcher affect the Revolutionary War?

She helped the Americans win against the British.

How was the us helping in world war 2?

They helped the Allies win the war.

Who helped the Americans win the Revolutionary War?

France, Spain, and the Dutch Republic helped the Americans win the Revolutionary War. The US set up their first Army during the Revolutionary War and it was set up and trained by British troops who had turned on their own country.

What did dogs do to help win the war?

actually it is helped kill americans off by eating their flesh

Why is Franklin D Roosevelt significant to World War 2?

He helped win the war.

What did African-Americans do during World War 1?

They fought to help the US win the war.

What factors helped the patriots win the war in 1777?

Factors that helped the patriots win the war

What was the Importance of french alliance in revolutionary war?

The French helped the Americans win by using their army and navy to secure important victories for the Americans.

Who was the president helped the US win World War 1?

woodrow wilson

How did the french help the Americans win the war?

They helped by sending a fleet of navy ships during the Battle of Yorktown.

Why were scientist important during World War 2?

They helped develop new weapons to win the war

What country helped the patriots win the revolutionary war?

Multiple Countries helped the patriots win in the Revolutionary War. Mostly France helped.

Did US win World War 1?

The U.S. helped the Allied side (Russia, Great Britain, France, and Serbia) win the war. They won the war but not by them-selves.

Why is Lafayette famous?

General Lafayette played an important role in the Revolutionary War. Lafayette helped Americans win the war and was ever-after treated as a hero.

What role did the US troops play in World War 1?

The US troops helped the Allies win the war.

What was George Washington's world event that affected the US?

George Washington led the Continental Army against the British and helped them win the war when the British surrendered. The Americans were finally free.

How did the US helped Great Britain in world war 2?

the us helped great Britain by sending them resources when us wasnt in the war and then by joining the war and helping them win

How did churchill help win the war?

he helped by helping win it

How did Stalingrad help Britain to win World War 2?

Stalin helped Britain win WW2 because of the greater numbers russia had during the war.

Who was the American president who helped churchil win world war 2?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt