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What helps a headache go away?

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Sex (it really does)

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Try taking over the counter medicines or use natural remidies to see if that helps your headace or try to nap or relax and forget about your headache It always works for me! But if your headache is really bad or it just wont go away you might wanna see the doctor. It's probably a migrane

Headache will go away by taking some medicine and putting a special vaporub on your forehead.

to get rid of a headache you need to get rest or eat something spicy. massages help get rid of headaches. if you massage the top of your nose the headache can go away too. put a cold towel or ice pack on your forehead to make it go away.

Caffeine can help certain types of headache, but it can also cause rebound - a headache that follows the initial headache, which can be worse than the initial headache. Care should be taken when using caffeine. For best advice, seek the help of your physician or headache specialist. Yes, Caffine Does Make A Headache Go Away. At First I Read That And I Did Not Belive It. But Then I Tryed It And I Worked! Im Still Very Shocked!

well its called migraine its a non stop headache you should see a dr.

you can get a headache again if you listen to your ipod to loud or if you watch TV to much.

Yes, and the headache won't go away for about 18 years. and they never really go away, they just become more infrequent.

baby powder helps but it does not make it go away. but try it!

It will help with the pain of your headache yes. As well as lower the fever. Don't over do it and don't under do it.

yes On the other hand, people have reported garlic actually causing headaches as well. It really depends on you. Everyone's system is different. The best way to gauge whether it helps a headache or causes one is to eat it and see.

There are over 100 different headache disorders. The treatment is based on the diagnosis. See your physician or headache specialist for appropriate diagnosis and treatment of Migraine and headache disorders.

In some people it does cause a reduction in sever headaches.

the best thing to do is take some medicine and get a lot of rest.

Drink caffeine. Trust me. A 12oz red bull and a 750mg Tylenol and you're good to go.

ACTUALLY, YOU probably are getting a HEADACHE with a STUFFED NOSE. When you get a stuffy nose, most likely it's the rhinovirus. That can cause a sinus infectiion which in turn leads to a headache (the dreaded SINUS HEADACHE). Try taking something for your sinus problem, then in turn, your headache will go away.

Honey may help to relieve a headache that is the result of blood sugar fluctuations or hypoglycemia. For a diagnosis, a doctor needs to be consulted. Preferably a headache specialist who is best able to diagnose, treat and manage headache disorders.

yes it can if it doesn't go away b/c it could accuatly be a brian tuma.

Tension headache. Can result From anxiety stress fatigue alcohol jaw or neck strain. If it doesn't go away after sleep or in a couple days see a doctor. Hope this helps :)

If you have a headache and sore throat for two days, it could mean you have a cold or virus. If it does not go away after 2 days, it is best to see a doctor.

Yes it does.homeopathy helps.

If the headache does not go away on its own, or the pain is severe, seek medical attention.

Episodic tension type headache is more easily treated than chronic tension type headache. Episodic means it comes and goes and isn't experienced as often as chronic TTH. For appropriate diagnosis and treatment of headache see your physician or a headache specialist.

This is probably a headache, take a mild painkiller, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen and lie down in a darkened room for an hour or so, the headache should go away, if it persists for more than a day go and see your Doctor.

Well...I snuggled with my cat and my headache went away..

headache -- helps great

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