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Q: What herbicide kills Bermuda grass but not Saint Augustine grass?
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Can Saint Augustine grass and Bermuda grass coexist?

Saint Augustine grass and Bermuda grass can coexist but there will be issues. Saint Augustine grass needs less fertilizer and usually grows faster. So it could make mowing the grass a frequent chore.

What herbicide kills Saint Augustine grass but not marathon grass?

too many big words!

What herbicide kills Saint Augustine grass but not Bermuda grass?

Only the new Royal Blue grass bomb, currently being developed in BRITAIN. pets. Get a dog for a little while. The St Augustine just can't stand up to medium traffic. Walking back and forth can kill it just as easily. For me I am trying to do the opposite. Kill the Bermuda which is not a pretty grass to me - blue green color and wire-like - while trying to get the St Augustine a deep green lush grass that blocks weeds easily to grow in its place.

What herbicide kills everything except Bermuda grass?

an AK-47

Can you lay Saint Augustine grass on top of Bermuda grass?

Speaking from experience: If you cut the Bermuda grass really low - as low as possible and pack the St Augustine in well you will have success, however you could develope shallow roots and fungus **especially if the Bermuda is not cut really low**. Your grass will appear to not be growing, and brown patches will appear and the Bermuda will begin to grow thru the St. Augustine and eventually take if not challenged. My brother cut his Bermuda low before hand, I didn't...his took, my is struggling as decribed above. I put in some palm trees (removed the Bermuda where the holes were dug) and guess what, those are the only places in my yard where the St Augustine looks the way I imagined! For best results, remove the Bermuda.

Do chipmunks eat Saint Augustine grass?

Chipmunks eat any grass.

How can you get rid of Johnson Grass that is in a yard with Saint Augustine grass?

how do i get rid of johnson grass in my lawn?

Is Saint Augustine grass named after Saint Augustine of Hippo or the city of Saint Augustine Florida?

Probably St Augustine of Hippo because it invades everywhere and chokes out anything in it's path.. Amen - lol

What type of stem is Saint Augustine grass?


Is Saint Augustine grass monocot?

All grasses are monocots.

Does Bermuda grass require more water and maintenance than Augustine grass?

In terms of water, it's the other way around. St. Augustine grass is less drought-tolerant than Bermuda grass; it grows best in tropical climates where there's lots of moisture (swamps, shorelines, etc.)

What is the name of the grass Texas has?

In south texas, lawns are generally Bermuda, St Augustine, or the more expensive Zoysia

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What herbicide kills Saint Augustine grass but not Bermuda grass?

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