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What high school classes do you need to take to become a criminal profiler?


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If they have any classes on Sociology, Psychology, Current Issues, or anything do do with law.

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I don't know but I think it is 1 to 2 years.

I think that you are asking what classes you can take in high school if you want to be a criminal lawyer, so this is the question that I will answer. Really, in high school, there aren't many classes that are related to criminal law. When I was in high school, there were a few classes that touched on criminal law such as my business law class and my sociology class. I would encourage you to look into some local community colleges that allow you to attend classes for high school credit. Many community colleges offer criminal justice or criminology classes which will prepare you for similar classes in college and in law school. Good luck!

Getting into law school is very competitive. Although criminal justice classes are not required, taking the any criminal justice classes as well as the necessary LSAT will give you an advantage in the application process.


i believe theater arts classes are needed to become an actor.

I am not sure if all high schools offer it, but in my school I am in the "Law" major, so we are allowed to take law-related electives. In order to become an attorney, I would suggest classes like Criminal Law, Legal Ethics, Civil Law, etc. They are really interesting classes and will hopefully help you in a career with law.

What classes do you have to take in high school inorder to become a cardiovascul;ar surgon?

Courses dealing with law will be beneficial in becoming an attorney. A four-year degree undergraduate degree is required to become a criminal lawyer. Three years of law school will be required as well, then the bar exam will have to be taken. There are many general education classes that will needed to be taken, and a course in criminal law will be useful.

There are no real high school classes that will cover this, but if you take college prep classes you will be able to enroll in a college that will lead you to this goal.

what classes should i take in high school or collage to become a marine biologist

Any classes dealing with biology and childcare.

You dont have to worry about taking any classes to be a lawyer in middle school,you need to wait until high school.

Best answer and best advice would be to talk to your high school counselor. The basic classes are English and Math, but that's in high school. In college, a Criminal Justice degree is favorable and joining a physical sport.

Answer: you need to take zoology in high school if you want to become a zoologist :)

No high school classes, other then your core classes (math, reading, etc.) are required for a profession after high school

Most high schools have specific classes for that specific job. I take a criminal investigations class at my school, but Crime in America and Criminal Justice classes are also offered. you could go and ask your teacher if you are in high school like me i think the one that you need to study the most is science because u need to understand all the scientist stuff :)

Princeton University does not have a Medical School or a Nursing School.

The classes taken in high school to not matter. The classes you take in college really don't matter that much either. You just need to get into law school where you get your legal education.

you need to take every literature classes writting and arithmacy

you need to pass all the classes even foods class

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