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Q: What high school courses do a loan officer need?
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Can I get a loan officer license online?

You can take the courses to be a loan officer online. Most schools are accredited, but you still will have to take the national test to be a certified loan officer.

How can one get a loan officer license?

Becoming a loan officer required a high school education and an ability to deal with customers. Most mortgage companies will offer courses for becoming a licensed loan officer. When you complete the training offered by the mortgage company you take an exam and from obtain your license. You can also receive training online, one such site for this training is

What qualifications do I need to become a loan officer?

In order to become a loan officer you must a high school diploma. Many loan officers require a bachelor�۪s degree for commercial loan officers; previous banking, lending, or sales experience.

What education should one have if one wants a loan officer job?

To qualify for a loan officer job one needs a high school diploma, a bachelors degree in finance or economics and complete some on the job training. One can apply for such jobs on Monster.

If you are a high school dropout and want to go back to high school at the age of 22 can you?

yes, you can take courses at a local community college or go to a university. You can usually get a loan, and its not hard to pay it back, even with a bad paying job!

Where are loan officer schools in CA?

Lots of schools in California provides educational programmed for loan officers. Cape School is one very good choice if you want to be up-to-date with the loan officer job.

Where can I find mortgage loan training?

Loan Officer School offers such a program. They have their own website. Here's a link:

What does it take to be a loan officer?

Loan officers are generally associated with banks, financial institute who offers loan to customer. Loan officer directly originate loan from the financial institute for the customer.

What is the difference between credit officer and loan officer?

credit officer assesses the capacity to pay of the client. loan officer extends loans to the assessed cleint

How do I become a loan officer?

You can get training to become a loan officer at your local college. It is a very sought after career.

When was John Allison a manager of loan officer development?

1972-1973, manager, loan officer development program

Do you know of any good loan officer schools ?

We offer loan officer training, job placement assistance, and free continuing education to loan officers. Mortgage lending is one of the best kept secrets in business! ... training programs that can help you excel as a mortgage loan originator and .. Find Mortgage Loan Officer salaries, interviews, reviews... posted by 389 ... Are there schools that offer how to become a Loan Officer in a classroom setting? ... Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming mortgage loan officer ... What are the top 3 traits or skills every mortgage loan officer must have to excel? Can ...