What high school courses should you take to become a nurse?


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High school courses don't matter, none of them will count in college.


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the courses that you need to take to become a nurse would have to be:biology, chemistry and other courses that have to do with science and other types that have to do with nursing

Just find a nursing school that you want to go to ask them about their pre-requisite courses. Complete these courses and make B's with out repeating any of the courses. Apply to the nursing school. That is about it.

To become a successful nurse, there are several mandatory maths courses. Trigonometry, algebra, calculus, maths debating and medical statistics. Courses in probability, anal health or 'maths in porn' are also just great.

medical anatomy is a great one! its super super fun but really hard!

The number of courses needed will depend on the type of nurse you wish to become. To become a CNA you can be done in 6 weeks.

First, graduate high school. Then decide what school you want to go to. Get an advisor to help you decide what courses you should take. Focus on your school work and learning what you need to know. Complete college get into the nursing program, and become a Neonatal Nurse. If you put your mind to it there isn't anything you can't do.

The courses u have to take to become a nurse are mathematics, biology and chemistry. To become a nurse u have to take pharmacology course, and also General nurse course is full of biology. And to be a nurse u're also going to need Chemistry.

You get a neontal nurse job by going to nursing school and passing all the courses and exams that the college asks you to pass. Then you become an intern.

Someone should become a nurse because they want to. Nobody should become a nurse if they do not want to.

Whatever the nursing school you want to attend says you should study.

No, you go to nursing school to become a nurse.

what school do you go to become a nurse

Take Biology, Chemistry, Calculus, and Algebra courses. Additionally take Anatomy where available. I suggest biology courses and health.

Take chemistry, physics, and biology and as many math classes as your school has. Do some volunteer work at a nearby hospital.

To become a perinatal nurse, you should expect to be in school for 8 years. This can change a bit depending on what classes you decide to take.

In order to become an OB nurse, you need to have your bachelor's degree. You need to go to school for four years to get the degree.

what are the courses to study to be a pediatric nurse

This varies from school to school. Generally you need your core classes of English, Math, and Psychology. You will also take a Anatomy and Physiology or something close to that name. There are some medical terminology courses and then finally clinicals.

You will need chemistry, straight biology and physics.

medical and health related subjects. nursing school

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