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What type of of cups holds the longest heat a styrofoam cup or a tin cup?

tin cup

Why do styrofoam cups keep water hot for longer than glass and plastic cups?

Styrofoam keeps water hot longer because it is not a very good conductor of heat but a glass cup is a good conductor of heat and so is the plastic cup (not as good a heat conductor as glass, but still is).

What kind of cup has better insulator of heat a glass cup or Styrofoam cup?

The Styrofoam cup is a fine heat insulator, much better than glass.

Which disposable cup keeps hot drinks hotter for longer?

Styrofoam cups and caps. It keeps the heat in.

How do you melt a styrofoam cup?

Heat will do it

Will a metal cup or a styrofoam cup keep the hot water warm after a short time?

It is the Styrofoam cup as it is not a good conductor of heat but the metal cup is a good conductor of heat.

What kind of cup keeps a hot drink warm longer stainless steel or styrofoam?

If the Stainless Steel cup has no insulation the Styrofoam cup will keep it warm longer.

Why does styrofoam cup keep drinks hot longer?

Styrofoam is an excellent insulator.

Does a plastic cup keep hot water hot as well as a styrofoam cup?

A styrofoam cup will retain the heat of a liquid longer than a typical plastic cup. This is because styrofoam material is comprosed of "foamed" polystyrene with millions of small air pockets. These air pockets serve as small insulators to slow down the heat conduction through the cup. For further information, suggest searching methods of heat transfer and Fourier's Law.

Why does ice melt faster in a plastic cup than a Styrofoam cup?

Styrofoam acts as an insulator, preventing heat from reaching the ice. Plastic allows more heat to pass through it than styrofoam does.

How much energy does it take to make styrofoam?

200,000 joules of heat are needed to produce a single styrofoam cup. In order to simulate the waste of a styrofoam cup, its ceramic counterpart would have to be used 70 times or washed over a thousand times to offset the loss of heat in one styrofoam cup.

What retains heat better a styrofoam ceramic or stainless steal cup?

steal cup

How do you retain heat in a styrofoam cup?

Heat is retained in a Styrofoam cup bu stacking at least 2 and place a lid. Because Styrofoam is well insulated, it retains the heat, and by added a minimum of 2 cups, it increases the amount of insulation. It is also important to note, that some heat will still be lost, and you will be able to tell if you can feel the heat through the outer cup.

What cup holds more heat a glass cup or a plastic cup?

A plastic cup holds more heat because plastic can't take out heat. Glass conducts heat away.

Which cup will keep the hot water warm for longer duration plastic paper metal glass or Styrofoam?


What is the specific heat capacity of a styrofoam cup?

1.3 kJ/(kg·K)

What is a styrofoam cup?

a cup made out of styrofoam...........................................................................................................................................................................

How do you keep a ice cube frozen in a styrofoam cup for long amount of time?

By keeping it in the styrofoam cup. Covering it up may help avoid heat from coming in.

Does Styrofoam cups keep hot drinks hot or cold drinks cold?

A Styrofoam cup will do both. The Styrofoam is an insulator, and, as such, it slows the transfer of heat between the system (the drink) and the surroundings (everything outside the cup) If it is a cold drink, heat moves very slowly through the cup toward the drink. If it is a hot drink, heat moves very slowly through the cup toward the surrounding air.

What type of cup keeps drinks warmer?

We think that a Styrofoam cup will keep a drink warmer in a longer period of time.

Which would melt ice faster a glass cup plastic cup or Styrofoam cup.?

Ice would melt faster in a glass cup because the heat transfer is greatest with glass out of these three materials. Glass is quite a good conductor of heat, plastic is much poorer and styrofoam even poorer still.

Which cup will keep a hot drink warm longer paper plastic styrofoam or glass?


Does a styrofoam cup equal 3 liters?

if its a small Styrofoam cup definitely not

How much does a styrofoam cup weigh?

A Styrofoam cup weighs about 4.4 grams.

Why is styrofoam cup a good insulator?

Styrofoam cup is a good insulator because it is coated with foam