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Will a metal cup or a styrofoam cup keep the hot water warm after a short time?


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It is the Styrofoam cup as it is not a good conductor of heat but the metal cup is a good conductor of heat.

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cover it with styrofoam and stuff

Styrofoam is used to keep drinks cold or warm.

The depends on the circumstances of the metal. If both are at room temperature, ice will last longer in the styrofoam (polystyrene foam) than in metal. The polystyrene is insulating and will keep heat out, conversely metals conduct heat and will cause ice to melt faster.

Metal is a good conductor of heat, therefore heat leaks out of it easily, and it does not keep food hot all that well. Styrofoam keeps food hot.

Yes, because it does not conduct heat.

Styrofoam is an excellent insulator.

Styrofoam is an insulator, meaning it is hard for heat to travel through it. This means if you put cold water in it, it is harder fo heat from the outside to warm it up. Conversely, hot water will also stay hot.

styrofoam cups keep you beverages hot or cold because they are awesome

Styrofoam cups because of what they are made up of

If you are sipping water or any liquid from a Styrofoam cup , you might feel hurt when water touches your teeth on every sip. This will especially happen if you are walking on carpets . The reason is that charge built-up on yourbody during walking or doing any motion . This cahrge is not transferred to the liquid as Styrofoam is highly insulating . This voltage difference is sensed by the nerves inside your teeth and they hurt. To avoid this keep a metal spoon inside the cup and keep a finger on the cup or touch your spoon before each sip . It wont hurt again . - M PATHAK

Styrofoam is a better insulator of heat than plastic. The plastic allows the heat in and out and the cold in and out. The Styrofoam helps keep the heat in.

Styrofoam insulates better than a single layer of plastic. If, however, you have one of those plastic cups that have an outer and an inner "wall" with a sealed air space in between, that should work better than the Styrofoam.

To keep cold food cold or hot food hot. Styrofoam is very good insulation.

Styrofoam keeps water hot longer because it is not a very good conductor of heat but a glass cup is a good conductor of heat and so is the plastic cup (not as good a heat conductor as glass, but still is).

In general, foam is a better insulator than metal, and so foam would be expected to keep water hotter longer under most normal circumstances.

yes it can. The river will keep flowing and will eventually corrode the metal and therefor probably break the metal in half.

No, It doesn't. If you want to keep hot water hot for a longer time use a polystirene cup.

metal to keep make the water warm campbell arthur

It depends on a lot of factors, like how hot the drink is, how much of the drink is there, how thick the styrofoam is, etc.

Tin is the metal that is used to coat cans. The tin on the metal can acts a barrier to keep water and air away from the contents of the can.

No, you do not have to keep your hair short for most high school school wrestling tournaments. Most will accept your hair tied into a tight ponytail with an elastic/ponytail band with NO metal on it. Headbands are also acceptable provided they are soft with no hard (or metal) components.

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