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Homeowners insurance and Dogs

No insurance company discriminates against a dog or breed, However, Insurance companies are increasingly unwilling to be liable for injury due to dog attacks and more specifically certain breeds that have been associated with historical high liability claims rates.

Many insurers are no longer being specific about the type of dog covered because policy language and structure these days increasingly excludes coverage for all damage or injuries caused by pets by default. When they are excluded it no longer matters as to your dog breed because no coverage is afforded for damages that result from our choice of pet.

More Input from Faq Farmers

  • State Farm does not have any breed specific rules. I too had to shop around because I have a pitbull.
  • I have been a happy State Farm client for 6 years. I was in a car accident and the person who hit me had them for insurance. I was so impressed with the way they handled my claim, I changed my insurance company to include health and home owners. I was even happier the day that I "slipped" and mentioned my "Bubba" was a pit, my agent went on to talk about she too had a mix!

Allstate Insurance, I have had very good service from this company. I own Cane Corso Mastiff, Dogo Canario, and Doberman. Additionally, I foster all breed types. When I added this home to the policy, they just came out, looked at the exterior of the home and that was it. No problems.

I would be careful to make sure you are being up front with your insurer regarding your dog's breed. This issue is relatively new to the marketplace and is ever changing. Many insurers will charge you more premium for a specific breed and others will exclude certain breeds if you have a claim. As long you are upfront with the breed and understand the ramifications of having that breed (higher premium, reduced coverage, etc) then you should be all set

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Q: What homeowners insurance companies do not discriminate by dog breed?
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How much is pet health insurance?

The cost of pet health insurance varies. Pet insurance may discriminate based on age, breed, or preexisting medical condition. There are companies, such as Pet Assure, however, that pride themselves on being pet insurance alternatives. Pet Assure offers comprehensive affordable pet insurance regardless of species, breed, age, or standing health. For more information on Pet Assure and pet insurance alternatives, visit is advisable to really check into pet insurance to see if it will be worth it for you. There are many companies. Your veterinarian has nothing to do with the pet insurance just so you know.

Does farmers insurance have dog breed discrimination for their homeowners coverage?

No Insurance company discriminates against dogs or a breed of dog. Your insurance company does not decide what breed of dog or other pet you own. However most insurance companies do have coverage restrictions regarding animals and various breeds.If you want to own a pit bull, that's fine, If you want to own a 900 pound Bengal Tiger that's fine, Grizzly Bear, Alligator, great, but that does not mean your home insurance company has to offer you coverage for incidental injury and damages that arise out of your choice of pet.AnswerAre you talking about Farmers Insurance Exchange, the company, or insurance policies that farmers buy? If you are talking about the company then call your agent but yes they probably do have some restrictions as most companies do.

Does American Family Insurance Dog Breed Discriminate for Homeowners Insurance?

What do you mean by this question? If you are asking if they will not cover certain breed the answer is yes. Every insurance company I am aware of asks on their application if you own certain breeds or any dog who has bitten anyone. The top of the list always included Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Doberman Pinchers, etc. If you want to argue Pitt Bulls forget it. Over half of the bites last year were from Pit Bulls and almost every bite involving death was from a Pit Bull. No one should own a Pit Bull. They are far too aggressive and deadly.

Is it legal to get canceled from homeowners insurance because of my service dog?

It's not a matter of legality. It's a matter of the companies underwriting guidelines. No insurance company is going to cancel your policy due to your having a service dog. They can however cancel your policy if you own a certain breed of dog that is on the companies prohibited list. For example, If a company does not allow Pit Bulls, then that won't change simply because the Pitt Bull has been trained as a service dog. If they made an exception for that breed because it is service trained, then the company could be accused of discrimination against all those who's Pitt Bulls are not trained for service.

Where to compare pet insurance prices?

Depending on the breed of dog, some insurance companies will offer free quotes and those can be compared side by side to see which is most appropriate for your situation and your wallet.

Can insurance company cancel homeowners because of types of dogs you own?

Absolutely. Every homeowners insurance company I know of asks if you have pets and if so what breed. Most specifically ask about Pit Bulls, Rotweillers, Doberman Pinchers, German Shepherds, any dog partly made up of these breeds, or any animal with a bite history. If you look at the statistics you will see that Pit Bulls make up less that 2% of the dogs in the U.S. but result in over 60% of the deaths with over half being children under 12. These types of dogs result is millions of dollars each year in losses from lawsuits over a biting. Of course these are not the only dogs that bite but these are most of them. Homeowners insurance covers suits and legal fees for this and many other items. The applications also ask if you own a trampoline or an unfenced pool. If you have one of these dogs some companies will write the insurance if you sign an animal bite exclusion which excludes coverage for suits of this type.

Are RV parks allowed to discriminate against my Rottweiler?

They can discriminate against whatever dog breed they see fit and you can see fit to stay at another "dog-friendly" RV park. Vote with your feet.

What can you do about dog breed discrimination among home owners insurance companies?

Get rid of your pit bull. (Or Rotties) There is nothing you can do . . . the insurance companies are in business to make money, not to give their money away. It is known that of all dogs that have killed people, pits are responsible for about 67% of those deaths. An insurance company would be crazy to insure someone who owns a pit. Overall across America, they would lose money. When insurance companies write insurance policies, they have to do so on the basis that they won't even have to pay out on the vast majority of policies sold.

What breed of dog is it important to carry dog insurance for?

depends on the dog,maybe you have a pedigreed dog that is an especially rare breed,or the dog is a fire and rescue or trained police dog that is invaluable to your line of work.perhaps a seeing eye dog that helps you get around or just a best friend that stays with you everywhere you go . there are many insurance companies that will insure a pet.

Is the American bulldog a dangerous breed not insured by American family insurance?

No an American bulldog is not a dangerous breed not insured by American family insurance.

What is the average cost of a comparable pet insurance?

Pet insurance is paid monthly, often $20-40, though your cost will depend on a number of factors about your dog, such as gender, age, breed, etc. You can get pet insurance to cover routine care, accidents and/or illness, but this will also affect price. Some common pet insurance companies are Pet Care and PetsHealth Care.

What dogs are not accepted by insurance?

Dogs and dog breeds that have a reputation for aggression are not good candidates for Liability insurance. Companies vary, but most Homeowners' or Renters' insurers will probably object to breeds like Akitas, Chows, Pit Bulls and others bred for aggressive qualities. Some even object to rescue Greyhounds because while they were trained from puppyhood to run races, they were not socialized to children. Until they are, they might snap at them because they don't know what to expect from children and may be afraid.As a dog lover, I know that training and care can overcome breeding, yet insurance companies can't know who is effective in training and care and who obtained the pet because the aggressive nature was desired. Unfortunately they can't take our word for it, because they have a history of paying high Liability claims due to aggressive dogs. Check with your insurance company about specific breeds, and note that if you have a dog that has bitten anyone before - regardless of breed - your insurance company will probably not want to write your insurance.

What breed of dog on the travelers insurance commercial?


What are facts about the Aryan cattle?

These cattle were of no discriminate breeding or breed, they come in various colours and colour patters, where primarily horned and used for beef, milk and draft work.

What are facts about Aryan cattle?

These cattle were of no discriminate breeding or breed, they come in various colours and colour patters, where primarily horned and used for beef, milk and draft work.

What breed of dog in the Travelers Insurance Commercials?

alec hernan

How can you get insurance for a rottweiler?

There are several customer-generated pet insurance comparison sites that you should consult They can give you a sense of which companies fellow pet parents are happy with, in terms of coverage and customer care. There are about 10-12 pet insurance companies across the country, but they are structured differently in terms of how and how much they reimburse in terms of vet bills. Do your homework and read all the fine print. You should also check with your own homeowner's insurance company or agent as to the underwriting guidelines concerning dogs. Some may exclude this breed only if there have been prior claims or some showing of aggression.

Pet Insurance?

Agile Health Insurance makes it simple to choose, compare & apply online for affordable Health Insurance from leading Health Insurance Companies with ObamaCare options, Short-Term Health & Dental Insurance too!

Is this really true that if you have a pitbull your insurance won't cover your home Also what happens if you don't notify them that you have a pitbull for instance you didn't know?

Yes, and it depends on if there's a problem with the Dog. If the Dog bites, and that person sues you, and that Dog is excluded from your Policy, then the ball's in your court. You WILL have to pay the damages. (ouch) On the other hand, if it's not excluded, then you're probably fine. Check your master policy, talk to a Lawyer or an independent agent. Added info: Blacklisting breeds depends on the insurance company and the location. Some companies do not regulate by breed, and others will allow dogs of "dangerous" breeds to be covered if they obtain their Canine Good Citizen title. It varies widely. Some companies that are typically breed-friendly will not insure a dog breed that is declared de facto dangerous by the locale.

What breed of dog in travelers insurance commercials?

Since so many people love the Traveler's insurance dog, there is a simple DNA swab test that can be done to determine the EXACT breed(s) that combined to make this particular dog. Shelter dogs are the BEST and I'm sure people would be interested if Traveler's confirmed what breed Chopper actually is.

Could you keep huskies in your house?

The underwriting departments of most companies that write homeowners policies have developed a lisy of dogs that they have classified as dangerous. If a breed that you have appears on that list, they may refuse to insure your home or exclude losses that involve the dog. You need to check with your insurer to determine whether a husky is on that list. For what it is worth, my experience with them is that they are docile dogs, so it is probably fine.

What is dog insurance, and what does it cover?

Dog insurance is just like the insurance that we carry for ourselves. By purchasing dog insurance it will assist in the coverage of things such as surgeries that your dog may require to have. If you have purchased a breed that is known to have problems it might be a good investment. There are varying options for dog insurance.

Five Reasons To Purchase Homeowners Insurance?

People who obtain a loan for their home are usually required to buy homeowners insurance as a condition of approval. However, those who purchase a home outright or those who purchased one before this requirement was made need to consider buying this vital coverage.FiresThese disasters occur unexpectedly. Most homeowners think this will never happen. However, fires can start from splattering grease on a stove, tipping over a candle or having faulty electrical wiring. Whether a home is completely or partially destroyed, this part of the homeowners policy covers the cost of fixing or replacing everything damaged.Storm DamageWind and severe storms have a negative impact on homes. For example, a home exposed to tropical storms or hurricanes will likely have broken windows, doors or shingles after the storm passes. One important tip to remember about this type of coverage is that it is less expensive if the home is prepared for storms. Installing storm shutters, reinforcing the roof and buying storm windows helps lower insurance costs. Having this coverage will save thousands in home repairs after a bout of severe weather.Water DamageMold resulting from water damage is often more difficult to get rid of than insect infestations. Water leaking from pipes, collecting under the floors or seeping down the walls can create serious problems. Not all homeowners insurance policies are reasonable about covering mold that is caused by water damage. Be sure an individual policy covers this. Also, know the difference between water damage and a flood. Water damage is much less extreme than a flood. For example, four feet of standing flood water from a storm doesn't count as water damage. However, destroyed carpet from a burst pipe in a basement is covered under water damage provisions.VandalismIf a thief breaks a window, enters the home and steals all of the electronics, homeowners insurance policies cover most of the costs. The broken window is considered a product of vandalism, so it will be replaced. Stolen electronics will also be replaced at the value the insurance company determines is reasonable.LiabilityIn the case that someone is hurt on the insured's property, homeowners insurance covers any property and medical damages that result from the incident. The injured party will be compensated up to a specific amount. However, not all incidences are covered. For example, not all companies pay for dog bites by every breed of dog. Many insurance companies won't insure dogs that are classified as dangerous or bully breeds. This includes Pit Bulls, Akitas, Dobermans, Cane Corsos and several others. Always be to understand exactly what is covered and excluded under the liability clause. The importance of this can't be stressed enough in today's litigious society.

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What dog is in the travelers commercial?

Chopper is the dog in the Travelers Insurance commercial. Chopper is not a purebred dog and his exact breed is unknown.