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I'd have to say horse racing, if you're a good enough jockey to win.

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Q: What horse event has the most prize money?
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Which race horse won the most prize money ever?

Shagger with Jockey Barry Ghoulaty

What is the sporting event with the most prize money?

doin your mom haha peace from ray William Johnson

What sport event has the most betting?

Horse racing.

Most important item of an equestrian event?

A horse.

Who has won most prize money at golf?

Tiger Woods is worth about $600 million and has a total career prize money of $96,596,542!!

Is the Kentucky Derby the biggest horse race in the world?

No. Perhaps the most famous, but in terms of prize money there are richer races -- for example, the Breeders' Cup Classic and the Dubai Cup.

Which Racehorse has won the most prize money?

Tm opera o

What is The most money made on online poker?

In 2010 the greatest poker prize of $8,944,138 was won by the 2010 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event champion Jonathan Duhamel.

What is the most money making sport?

Horse Racing

Who has won the most prize money in mens tennis this year?

Novak Djokovic.

Which Marathon pays the most prize money?

Dubai Marathon$250K for the winner

Who is the highest paid jamaican?

In sport Usain Bolt receives the most money annually from sponsorship and prize money.

What race horse won the most money for its owner?


Horse racing most money by a trotter?

horses are mad

What Tennis Grand Slam pays the most prize money 2009?

Australian Open.

Which female tennis player earned the most prize money?

Maria Sharapova with 26millions $

Which Grand Slam offers the most prize money to the winner?

The United States Open

How much prize money for bharat ratna?

Bharat ratna itself a most respectable award so we cant use any prize tag for this award. So it doesnt carry any prize money. its only a respect for the recipient.

What sporting event makes the most money?

Well In The WWE, Wrestlemania

Which male tennis player earned the most prize money?

Roger Federer (40 m$)

What type of prize are game show contestants most excited about winning?

Money Car Vacation

What are horse shows for beginners?

Most horse shows welcome beginners, but some shows are affiliated which means you win prize money, but you normally have to register with the organisation first. I would start with small, local, unaffiliated shows. Make sure your horse(s) are happy and used to that sort of environment and practice at home first. HAVE FUN!

What do you get for winning a noble peace prize?

You receive lots of money. Like millions. It's $1.5 million and most winners donate the prize monies to charity.

What was the most money ever spent on a races horse?

i think it was 16million dollars

What breed of horse make the most money on Howrse?

Mostly Thoroughbreds make most money but Arabians and barbs my name on howrse is ascot11