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What houshold items can debt collectors take?

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anything valuable

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Can debt collectors take settlement money?

Debt collectors can indeed take settlement money from someone if they owe debt. These collectors may take from what they need to.

Is it ok to hide from debt collectors?

No its illegal, you have to pay your debt rather than hiding. If you not paying your debt and hiding from debt they can take you to the court.

Can credit card debt collectors take you to court in Maine?


Can debt collectors legally contact your employer?

There are specific laws in place to protect consumers from harassment from debt collectors. It is illegal for debt collectors to contact you at work if your employer does not allow this. Record all contact by debt collectors just in case you have to take them to court in the future. Also, I advise you to check online for laws in your state that protect you against harassment.

What are your rights in Pennsylvania against debt collectors?

Debt collector & third party communications:Debt collectors may only contact third parties to ascertain your location/whereaboutsDebt collectors may not reveal to third parties that you owe debtDebt collector may not harass you, or third parties in connection with collecting a debt:Debt collectors may not use threats of violence or harmDebt collectors may not use profane or obscene languageDebt collectors may not repeatedly use the telephone to annoyDebt collectors may not publish a list of debtors (except lists sent to credit bureaus)Unfair and deceptive debt collection practices are not permissible:Debt collectors may not make false implications of government affiliationDebt collectors may not assert false threats of legal action or legal statusDebt collectors may not falsely imply you committed a crimeDebt collectors may not deposit a postdated check prematurelyIt is also a good idea to keep a log of when you receive your bills; that way, when a bill does not arrive on time, you can call the company and inquire into its absence and likely avoid any late fees. If you feel a debt collector has violated the law, you should also take steps to document such behavior

Can debt collectors take your car to pay your husband's debt?

if your husbands name is on the title, yes, it is possible... sorry for your badluck snm

Do you have to pay the entire balance of what is owed to debt collectors?

Debt collectors are under no obligation to take a lesser amount than what you originally owe. Most will agree to and acceptable payment plan or offer a settlement if the original creditor allows it.

Can debt collectors sue your Social Security?

They can't touch your social security. However; if you have other income, they can and will take that.

How do you stop debt collectors from calling?

Tell them to take your name/number off of their list. They have lists of numbers they just call....

If you stop paying your credit cards can they come after your property?

A debt is a debt. The credit card collectors can take you to court and get a judgment on you to pay what is due. They can have your wages garnished. This is the channels they will take first. If they do not get satisfied through garnishments they can go after your property. But this is rare.

Can you be forced to take out a loan?

If you are in need of money to help a finical situation you may be forced by debt collectors to create a loan to pay them off

Can debt collectors take money out your wages?

They need to get permission, once they have it, they can. An attachment of earnings order is a method by which money will be stopped from a defendant's wages to pay a debt and as such will only help if the defendant is in paid employment. :(

If you have no job and no assets what can debt collectors do to you?

they can take you to court, remove your unessential furniture - like your tv and hi-fi, they could demand you be declared bankrupt, if it is a government debt or a utility debt they could even arrest you. But even if you have little money, you can offer than

Understanding How the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Protects Consumers?

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) was first enacted in 1977 to protect consumers against certain debt collection tactics. This goal of the FDCPA is to keep debt collectors from deceiving, harassing or taking advantage of consumers. While this law does not cover business debts, it does cover all personal debts, like credit card debt, medical bills and auto debt.What Debt Collectors Are Forbidden to Do Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices ActUnder the FDCPA, debt collectors must send consumers a written letter within five days of first initiating contact by telephone. This letter must contain specific information, including the balance of the debt, who is currently pursuing the debt, and the original creditor. The initial letter must also let the consumer know that he or she has 30 days to dispute the debt or request validation.The FDCPA also prohibits when and how a debt collector may attempt to collect a debt. Debt collectors are allowed to send written correspondence, call, or visit a person's home or place of employment. Phone calls and visits must be limited to the hours between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. However, debtors can forbid debt collectors from contacting them at work if it puts their job in danger. Collectors who ignore such a request are violating the FDCPA.Debt collectors are also prohibited from threatening or harassing consumers. A debt collector cannot threaten a debtor physically or threaten to tell others about the debt. Collectors may not use offensive language, lie or contact a consumer excessively. Calling several times a day is generally considered excessive.How Consumers Can Fight Back Against Debt Collectors Who Violate Their RightsIf a debt collector has violated the terms of the FDCPA, consumers can take action. Debt collectors that violate the law can be sued within one year of committing the illegal action. Consumers who intend to sue a debt collector might need to seek legal representation to help them prepare their case.If the consumer wins the case, he or she may receive up to $1,000 to cover lost wages or other expenses. The debt collector will also be forced to reimburse the consumer's court costs and legal fees. While this will not void the consumer's debt, it should help the consumer repay the delinquent amount.

Can debt collectors take property of anyone on disability or medicare?

yes because there the ones who actually help you with medicare plus if you don't pay your bills your screwed

How long does it usually take before figurines are considered collectors' items?

Depends on the rarity and demand. Some never, some in a few weeks.

Credit Card Debt Collection Laws?

Credit cards are unsecured debts; your creditor can't take away any of your property if you fail to pay the debt back in accordance with your card agreement. Your creditor can sell the debt to a collections agency or sue you to recover the debt. Creditors and debt collectors can't engage in underhanded or violent tactics to get you to pay your debts. If you owe money to credit card companies, you should become familiar with your rights. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act limits the power of debt collectors. Collectors must not harass or intimidate debtors into paying debts, and must inform debtors of their rights upon first contact. Debt collectors must announce themselves; they must begin the call by telling the debtor what company they are from and that they are attempting to collect a debt. The debtor can then tell the debt collector not to call them anymore and the collector must oblige; however, the collector may still contact the debtor to inform him of upcoming litigation surrounding the debt. Debtors may also ask the debt collector not to call them at work. Debt collectors are also limited as to how often, and when, they may call debtors. Debt collection calls may only take place between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m; calls are not allowed at times when it's reasonable to assume a debtor may be in bed. There's no firm rule on frequency of calls, but debt collectors may not call so frequently that it becomes harassment. Debt collectors also may not discuss the debt with anyone other than the debtor. If a debt collector speaks to friends or family of the debtor, he is limited only to asking for a contact number or address for the debtor. Debt collectors may not use intimidation techniques to coerce debtors into paying debts. They may not threaten violence against the debtor and may not verbally abuse the debtor; cursing at the debtor, yelling at her or calling her names are forbidden. Debt collectors also may not make threats that they don't have the power to carry out. For example, a collector may state that his office is going to sue to recover the debt if the office plans to carry out such a threat. However, the collector may not state that the debtor will lose his home due to credit card debt. If a debt collector violates any of the provisions of the Fair Debt Collection Act, the debtor has a right to file a complaint against him with the Federal Trade Commission. In some cases, debtors may sue debt collectors for damages related to violations of this act. Debtors should also contact an attorney if they have any questions about their rights regarding credit card debt, if they are considering filing bankruptcy or if they receive a notice of a lawsuit against them by a creditor or collections agency.

Can debt collectors track and harass foreigners in their home country?

With the ability to access private information from almost any source. They probably could find your whereabouts. Their ability to take any action is not likely. Only the laws of the country where the debt is incurred apply.

Is it illegal for debt collectors to go to your neighbors house?

I don't believe it is illegal, however, if your neighbors are finding it a bother, i think they can forbid them to come again, and if disregaurded then they can take legal action

How does credit card debt effect credit scores?

Having a large amount of credit card debt can take a toll on one's credit score. Ignoring your debt and not paying it off will certainly bring down your credit score making it very difficult to get other loans or even buy certain items.

Can credit card debt collectors take you to court in Pennsylvania?

yes you can be taken to court however if you have no assets really all it will affect is your credit score and some harrassing calls, since it is illegal to garnish your wages in pa

How does a person qualify for a second mortgage?

If they have enough equity in the property and have enough income to take on more debt.If they have enough equity in the property and have enough income to take on more debt.If they have enough equity in the property and have enough income to take on more debt.If they have enough equity in the property and have enough income to take on more debt.

What Does it Take to Be a Debt Collector?

A debt collector goes by many names. Some are called recovery agents while others are known as collection assistants. Whatever their title, their job duties are remarkable similar. They are tasked with collecting outstanding debts from the general public, businesses or corporations.What Does a Debt Collector Job Entail?A debt collector is responsible for managing outstanding debts. Debt collectors can be employed by a variety of businesses. Their primary goal is to get people who owe money to the company to pay up. This can be difficult.A large amount of a debt collector's day is spent on the phone. They call debtors and attempt to arrange repayment schedules. When debtors cannot be found or refuse to pay, a debt collector may need to take more drastic measures. This can include filing a small claims suit against the debtor. Debt collectors can oversee wage garnishments, tax refund offsets or bank account seizures.What Do Debt Collectors Earn?Debt collectors are often paid a wage plus a commission for each account they settle. The starting salary for a debt collector averages $13 an hour. The commission and incentive rates vary from company to company. A highly successful commissioned senior debt collector could make as much as $50 an hour with the commission factored in to the hourly wage.What Qualifications Should a Debt Collector Possess?Qualifications vary widely depending on the type of debt being collected. Most collection companies require employees to have at least a bachelor's degree, generally in business management or finance. As the employee's job responsibilities grow, they are expected to continue their education in order to perform their duties.Because a debt collector often deals with sensitive client information, nearly all debt collection agencies require their employees to pass a background check. Many also insist that workers have fairly good credit.A debt collector needs to have a thick skin in order to succeed in the field. Clients can feel threatened and become verbally abusive when contacted about an outstanding debt. Debt collection is a difficult job, but the pay can be incredibly rewarding for those who succeed.

In FL if bank gets a judgment for unpaid debt what can they take?

If the unpaid debt was for a specific item, or items, of propety, it will be the first thing to be seized. However, beyond that, anything of value that you own can be seized or liened, up to the value of the courts award - including garnishments on your salary.

What does the concept of secured debt mean in finance?

Secured debt is a debt that is guaranteed by the use of collateral. If the debt is not repaid, the creditor has the right to take the collateral from the borrower.