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A pet owner should never self diagnose their pet and can always phone their vet or take the pet in to get a proper diagnosis. You can always have the vet tell you what the medication is and get it from your local pharmacy. Just tell them the weight of your dog, but the vet has to let you know what meds the pet needs first.

AnswerFirst of all you should contact your vet before giving you animal any medication. I have used by my vets advice is PeptoBismol when my dog had diarhea and vomiting. I also have given my dog baby aspirin on advice of my vet. Nothing else has ever been suggested or advised.
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Q: What human medications can you give to dogs?
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Related questions

Can you give your dog immodium?

No, you should never give human medications to your dog. Dogs react very differently to human medications and this could make them very sick.

Is Guaifenesin 600mg aka Mucinex safe for dogs?

No, you should never give human medications to your pets. Dogs (and cats) react very differently to human medications and this can sometimes be fatal.

Is allegra safe to give to a dog?

No - do not give your dog ANY human medication without a vet's directions. Most human medications are poisonous to dogs.

Can my Jack Russell terrier take Aspirin?

No. Aspirin is not good for dogs. Please do not give human medication to dogs. These are meant for humans and some human medications are toxic or very harmful to dogs.

Can dogs take human iron tabs?

No, you could cause the dog to become toxic. Do not ever give dogs human medications. Always check with your Veterinarian first. If you want to give your dog a safe multiple Vitamin Supplement then purchase something that is made for dogs.

Can you give Ambien to a dog?

Never give an animal a medication that is made for a human. Dogs have different systems from humans, and human medications may kill them or make them sick. Ask a veterinarian what to give your dog.

Can dogs take gas x?

No, you should not give human medications to your dog. Dogs can be very sensitive to the side effects of human medications. In addition, the condition that Gas X treats may not be the same condition that your dog has, even though the outward symptoms may be similar.

Can you give a dog decongestant?

No; never ever give a dog human drugs or vitamins or other medicinals without the express recommendation of a veterinarian. Many human drugs can kill dogs. Real answer: That is not true. Most of the medications given to dogs ARE the same as human medications. It isn't a good idea to experiment on your dog, however, decongestants are prescribed for dogs ALL THE TIME, and again, most drugs used in canine medicine are the same as human medicine.

What do you give your dog for a toothache?

At home, nothing - dogs do not react to medications like humans do, and there are no safe human pain medications for dogs to have. You should make an appointment with your veterinarian to have your dog's teeth examined and the veterinarian will determine how to relieve your dog's pain.

Can you give your pit bull human medicine for swelling?

No. Many human medications do not work the same in dogs as they do in humans and can often be poisonous. If your dog is injured, see your vet immediately.

Can you give a dog human medication?

There are some human medications that can be given to a dog but it is best to call a vet to determin what meds are needed for your pet. It is dangerous to give medications meant for humans to dogs without knowing exactly what the problem is for the dog in question. Call or visit your vet for the best advice.

Dosing of Tylenol in dogs?

You should never give Tylenol to a dog - dogs are not small humans and do not react well to human medications. Even a small dose of Tylenol can be fatal to a dog.

Can you give dogs a human form of pain killer such as Panadol or Tylanol?

One needs to check with a vet before giving any human medications to a cat or dog. Some adult & child medications may cause harm to the animals.

What human medications can be given to a feline?

you shouldn't give any human medications to any animal. Call your vet.

How do you give birth to a dog?

As a human, you do not. Only dogs can give birth to dogs. It is like "How do you give birth to a human?".

Can you give a large breed dog a human suppository?

No, the medication in the human suppository may be toxic or fatal to the dog regardless of its size. There is no reason to give human medications to dogs - if your dog is sick and you think it needs medication, you should make an appointment with your veterinarian.

Can you give a dog antitussive?

You should never give human medications to dogs - dogs do not react to the medications the same way people do. In particular, you should not give an antitussive (cough suppressant) to your dog if he is coughing as the coughing is his body's way of getting disease out of his lungs. If your dog is coughing, you should take him to the veterinarian for evaluation - there are several common causes of coughing in dogs (most notably "kennel cough") that need to be treated with antibiotics.

Human drugs dogs can take?

Dogs can take valium, and many other human medications such as Amoxicillin, but remember the dosage is based on weight.

What medicines are bad for dogs?

The short answer is all human medications - they are formulated and tested specifically for humans, and many of them can cause severe side effects or even death in dogs. In the vast majority of cases, you need to get medications that are specifically marketed for dogs. In the few instances where human medications are safe for dogs, once the dose is adjusted, you still need veterinary instruction or prescription to use them - using human medications in a dog is an off-label drug use that requires a medical professional such as a veterinarian to approve it.

Your dog was spayed today What can you give her for pain?

You should talk to the veterinarian who spayed your dog about pain medications for her. You can't give your dog human pain medications (Tylenol, Advil, Aleve, Motrin, aspirin, etc) because these are very toxic to dogs and could kill her.

Can you give your dog imodium and gas-x?

No, these are human medications that are not safe for dogs to have. You could cause a fatal or severe reaction with these medications in dogs. Also, dogs tend to have different causes for stomach and intestinal problems than humans. Trying to treat a dog's stomach or intestine problem like you would a human's can cause major problems when you mask the symptom but don't address the underlying cause.

What human medicine can you give to dogs with kennel cough?

I would not give my dogs any human medication unless prescribed by the vet

Can dog take Advil?

No, dogs are not small humans and do not react well to human medications. Over the counter human pain medications (Tylenol, Advil, Aleve, aspirin, etc.) are particularly toxic to dogs and even a small dose can be fatal.

What human medication can you give your dog?

can you give dogs human gravel

What People medications can you give dogs?

Do not give any people medications to your dog without consulting a veterinarian. Many things we think of as harmless can seriously damage your dog's organs. Never,ever give Tylenol (acetominophen), Motrin/Advil (ibuprofen) Aleve (naproxen) to your dog. Never share your prescription medications with your dog. A good rule of thumb is to never,ever give any human medication to your dog until you have at least called a vet and gotten the ok. Call before-not after-you give human meds to a dog.