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Well, I say it depends on the amount you are will to spend and how many GB's you want. If you want alot then I vote the Classic but they are very big. If you wanted to watch movies then that's the way to go.but if you want some Music Videos and mainly music go for the iPod Nano and the old version of it is better so if you want the old version then buy it now! but the new version is every where.

If you dont need a screen the go for the shuffle.

And to end it there is a Ipod Mini but they are rare to find now

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Should you buy an ipod touch 8gb or a ps3?

Ipod Touch.

What should you do if you cant remember your iPod code?

Buy new iPod :)

What should i do if my ipod charger is broken?

If your iPod charger is broken, you should buy a new one.

Where should you buy an iPod touch?


What should you buy ipod or iPad?

If you want to carry your music around with you, buy an iPod. If you want to watch movies on the can, get an iPad.

Which one should i buy the PS vita or the iPod touch?

you should definitely buy an ipod touch the app store has expanded so much more

If you are thinking of buying an iPod should you buy an iPod Nano or iPod touch?

iPod TouchiPod touch is better than the Nano because it has every thing the Nano has and more. If you're thinking on buying a iPod buy an iPod Touch.

Where can I buy the new iPod 4?

If you are wondering where you can buy the new iPod 4 because you are looking for an iPod 4 online, then you should check out the Best Buy home website for the latest news.

What should you do buy an iPod Touch or keep your PSP?

Buy an iphone Totally!

Should i get my iPod repaired its not working or should i buy a new one?

if your ipod is within warranty then return it to apple and get it exchanged for FREE but if it is out of warranty get a quote for a repair and if it is less then buying a new one get it repaired but if it is more then a new ipod then buy a new ipod

What should you do if your iPod wears out?

Buy another one. Buy a new one. Buy a new one.

Should you buy a 9 year old an ipod touch?

It depends on the girl how the are acting and the attitude so I am going to buy an iPod shuffle instead of an iPod touch because it is cheaper.

Where can I buy a discounted ipod?

You can buy a discounted iPod on Groupon, or online used on Craigslist. You should check all the usual websites for various discounts on a great product like the iPod.

What should I buy an Ipod nano or a Nintendo dsi?


Where Should you buy an iPod touch 32gb?

Walmart, best buy, online, radio shack.

Is there waranty on a iPod if you bought it?

There should be a 1-year warranty if you buy an iPod Touch, but it will vary with other iPods.

Should I buy the MacBook or the new iPod classic?

The MacBook and iPod Classic are not compatible items. You are comparing Apples to Oranges. If you need a computer, buy the MacBook. If you need a music/video player, but the iPod.

What do you do when your iPod nano is frozen?

you def. should buy a new one

Should you buy your nine year old a ipod touch?


How do you put themes on an iPod nano?

Dummy it should all ready be on da ipod. just dont buy the cheapy ipod.BUY THE IPOD TOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Should i buy an ipod nano 4g i got and mp3 player 2gb and is 4 years old and i have to buy batteries everytime they run i am getting bored of that i dont know if i buy the ipod or stay with mp3?

my man its 2010 get a ipod lol

Should you buy jeans or an ipod touch for 150?

honestly i would buy the iPod Touch. you can find a cheaper pair of jeans than ones that will cost you $150.

Should i buy an ipod touch or trampoline or keep saving for an iPad?

ipod touch or ipad u get sik of a tarmpoline

The iphone or the ipod Touch. Should you buy an iPhone or buy an ipod touch and a separate phone?

Ipod touch.. too much money spent on a iphone and a ipod touch you can play awesome games and internet and pictures and music and lots more!

Should you buy an Ipod Touch now or should I wait until fall 2009?

You should wait wen the 4th ipod touch comes out! It has better features, it has a camera too!