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Whatever icons YOU choose to pin !... It's entirely up to you !

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Q: What icons should be pinned to my taskbar for default?
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The Taskbar is your gateway to the applications that are on your computer?

Taskbar holds icons for running applications on your system.

How do you remove unwanted icons from the taskbar?

Right-click the icon and select "Unpin from taskbar".

What is the difference between system icons and user defend icons?

This will show you how to turn a system icon on the taskbar on or off.

Does the window system tray contains quick launch icons?

No, the taskbar does. The system tray is also located in the task bar. Quick launch was removed in Windows 7, and replaced by a new taskbar that lets you pin icons to it.

Located on the right side of the taskbar; displays icons for running services?

System tray

What is Taskbar in MS Windows XP?

the taskbar is the bar which runs across the bottom of your screen. the bottom right is where icons for programs which are running usually appear.

How do you delete taskbar icons?

Right click an empty portion of the taskbar, select properties, taskbar, customise, left click whichever icon you wish to remove and then set it to hide always. You cannot delete them, but can hide them permanetly.

The taskbar notification area includes icons for currently running services what is another term for this area?


What is another name for the taskbar notification area that includes icons for currently running services?

The System Tray.

Can you customize the look of a google taskbar?

There are alot of things you can do with a Taskbar. Yes, you can customize the task bar. You can change the color and add for icons to it. As well as add any webpages you requent.

In windows XP with the taskbar at the side can you move the start button to the bottom instead of the top and the little icons up to the top?

Right click on taskbar select Properties. If Lock the Taskbar is selected then unselect it. Click OK. Left click and hold on the Taskbar and drag and drop it where you want it.

How do you hide icons of minimised windows from taskbar?

Right click on the start button. Select properties, click the taskbar tab, then put a checkmark in the box, where it says "auto hide the taskbar" Now click apply then ok..Good Luck..

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