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the taskbar is the bar which runs across the bottom of your screen. the bottom right is where icons for programs which are running usually appear.

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Q: What is Taskbar in MS Windows XP?
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What is the major change to Windows Vista from Windows XP?

All new Taskbar

How does windows xp keep the taskbar tidy?

By consolidating the buttons.

How do you show your taskbar on xp?

Press the Windows Key or Windows Logo key Press Ctrl + Esc If Auto-hide is enabled, hover one's cusor near the Taskbar If other windows obscure that Taskbar, enable "keep the Taskbar on top of other windows"

How do you reset tiled MS Windows?

r u referring to the background picture or the windows on your taskbar?

How do you open a Windows Vista word file with Windows XP?

There is no 'windows vista word file'. You might be thinking of the .docx format, which is MS Office 2007 format. You can get MS Office 2007 for Windows XP.

Why does the Windows XP Taskbar suddenly look gray - like an older version?

You might have somehow accidental windows Aero off...

When windows xp is started for the first time is the taskbar located at the top of the screen?

Not normally. It should be at the bottom.

Will ms office 2000 work with windows XP?


Can you use MS Office 2010 with windows XP?


Why does the Sound icon often vanish from the Taskbar even though Windows XP is set to display it - could this be a virus?

The disappearance of the volume icon on the Windows XP taskbar could mean the computer is infected by a virus. It may also be as a result of a corruption of registry settings.

What is the portion of the screen that displays when windows XP is loaded?

The portion of the screen that displays when windows XP is loaded is called the Desktop. It features icons for different programs, the Taskbar and the Start Button.

What are the 3 most recent versions of MS Windows?

XP, Vista, Windows 7

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