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If you're a US citizen, they're not going to take your citizenship away for marrying an "illegal". They may deport the undocumented immigrant and send you to jail if it looks like you were trying to break the law, though.

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Q: What if US citizen is a full time student marry to illlegal person?
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Can a US citizen legally marry a person who is in the country with a tourist visa but a tourist visa has expired for years?

Can a us citizen marry a person who has a expired student visa?

Can an African student who is not an American citizen marry a us citizen?

Yes, they can

Can one marry an illegal and get the person to be legal and when the get dirvoice the citizen marry another illegal and get the person legal?

If you marry an illegal, that person is considered a citizen. But when you divorce that person their citizenship is revoked. STATED BY AUTHOR

Can a person become a US Citizen through having children with a US Citizen?

No. but if you marry a us citizen you can.

Is a student eligble to marry a non us citizen due to financial circumstances?

Any American can marry any non-citizen, but selling marriage and citizenship is illegal. Financial circumstances are not a factor in legality.

If international student marry Australian girl can he get pr or citizen?

She could sponser him for citizenship if she wanted to.

A UK citizen can marry an illegal person in UK?


How can you marry a citizen of the UK?

You need to meet a person you want to marry and they have to fall in love with you. Then the citizen of the UK needs to apply for you to enter the UK and stay there.

How long do you have to wait to marry a us citizen that was a immigrant?

If the person is a US citizen it doesn't matter when they naturalized. You can marry a USC anytime and they can petition for you whenever.

Can you become a barbados citizen if your grandmother is a citizen of barbados?

Last I can recall you can become a citizen of Barbados but from what I can remember is that you either move in to live with the person or you marry a Barbadian person.

As a citizen of Canada how do you marry a person not from Canada?

Canadian citizens are allowed to marry whoever they want.

Can an African student marry a US citizen on probation or parole?

Being on probation or parole does not limit anyone's right to get married. Indeed, even people who are actually in prison sometimes get married, strange though that may seem. So yes, an African student can marry a US citizen who is on probation or parole.

How to marry if here on student visa?

Just go to the court and marry a U.S. citizen. Their may be a 90 day waiting period before the marriage is legalized.

Will an international student be allowed to same-sex marry a citizen in the a state that allows same-sex marriage?


What to do If a us citizen marry a person who has a us visitors?

they can get a green card which allows them to become a citizen because of marriage

Is it legal for a US citizen marry a person from Jamaica in the US?


If you have a green card can you marry a US citizen?

Anyone can marry a US citizen, green card or not. The marriage does not automatically give any special privileges to the newly married person. The US citizen can petition for you to be permitted to apply for residency, etc. It is not necessary to be a green card holder to marry a US Citizen. It is important to stay in the US legally with proper immigration papers in order to marry a US citizen.

Would it be invalid if marrying an illegal immigrant who is married in another country?

Firstly, if the person is married in an another country and has come to a particular country illegally it is surely invalid to marry the person. Another thing, if the person is a citizen of that particular country in which he has married it is his right to first take a citizen of that country in which he is going to marry and then he can marry a person another to his own country.

Do other countries like England allow a person to become a permanent citizen if they marry someone who is a citizen of that country?


Can a international student marry a us citizen on probation or parole?

yes, they marry just like tow citizens would in the state of Kentucky, you need a birthcertificate and apicture ID.

How long after marrying a citizen and becoming a citizen can that person remarry an illegal alien?

It is wrong for a citizen to knowingly marry an illegal alien. Get advice from an Immigration lawyer.

Can a foreign person marry someone who is a US citizen if that person has a felony conviction?

No. The person will need a pardon. (Or a GOOD Lawyer)

Is it better to apply for citizenship as a single person and them marry your illegal fiancee or should you marry him and then apply for citizenship as a married person?

yes, apply as a single person that way when you marry your fiance you are an American citizen and it will make it easier to get him a green card.

Can a Mexican citizen marry a Canadian citizen while on vacation in Canada?

only men marry with women not citizen with citizen

What do you do if your Visa expires if you marry a US citizen?

Someone can marry a US citizen on a travel Visa as long as it has not expired. The person also needs to give a reason that he traveled to the US on other visits, other than the sole reason for marrying and remaining a citizen.