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What if a dog is color blind?

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Most, if not all dogs have poorer color vision than humans. It doesn't bother them, so don't let it bother you.

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Are camels color blind?

Yes they are color blind because they come from the dog family

Are Cockapoos color blind?

every dog breed is colour blind

How can you tell if your dog is going color blind?

they are colour blind black and white

Do dog see colors?

no they don't, they are color blind

Are goldendoodles color blind?

Every dog is colorblind

Are there color blind animals?

yes there are like the dog

Who is color blind cow or dog?

Both are Red-Green colour blind (dichromats)

Are greyhounds color blind?

every dog is coloure blined

Do dogs see the color red?

some dog breeds can, but most are color blind.

Why cant your dog see?

dogs can see it's just that there color blind. if you don't know what it is, color blind is were you can see but you can only see black and white

Can a cat see better than a dog?

Yes dogs are color blind and cats have full color

What color does a dog see a human as?

Dogs are color blind so they see not only you, but everything, in black and white.

What breed of dog is more prone to be color blind?

Dalmatians are more prone to be color blind . actually dogs with patches or spots of white are more likely to be color blind rather than than pure white dogs or dogs without white.

Is there a control group in the dog color blind experiment?

Experiments that test to see if dogs are color blind must use a control group. Otherwise, the results are inaccurate and not scientifically valid.

Can a dog be blind?

Yes. You could take your dog to the vet for eye checkups

Do the parents have to be color blind in order for the kid to be color blind?

no, they dont even HAVE to be blind. you can be color blind without even close relatives or any with color blind history in their past.

If a color blind man has a color blind daughter then the mother has to be color blind as well?

Not nessesarily. The mother can be either color-blind or simply a carrier of the gene.

When was Blind Dog created?

Blind Dog was created in 1988.

Are deers color blind?

Yes they are color blind

Are owls color blind?

owls are color blind

Are tortoises color blind?

Yes. They are color blind. :)

Are elephants color blind?

No, elephants are not color blind

Are gerbils color blind?

No gerbils are not color blind.

Does the color of dog treats affect of what treat the dog will eat first?

no, the dog will take the one it likes the smell of better. lol. mine will take all that are offered. also: it is not true that dogs are color blind

How do you find out if hermit crabs see in color?

they can see in color, you can ask me! One animal that can't see in color, or, color blind, is a dog! that is a very good question though!