What if a guy says your name when he sees you?


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He is polite and knows your name.

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Maybe he's just polite.

It sounds as if he sees the relationship as a platonic one

i would think it means hes jealous and doesnt approve of you talking to another guy

He sees that you need his affection or he just wants to express his love

looked on google and it says... The name has Jewish roots meaning "The one that God sees"

Chances are he's trying to talk to your guy friend to possibly ask about you, maybe find out things you like.

1. Guy walks down street 2. Guy sees building sight 3. Guy looks at a crane 4. Guy points at crane and says 'u crane' 5. Ukraine is born.

it just means that the guy wanted to know you when you were little! Don't read to deeply into things...he just wanted to know what you were like back then :] If a guy says that it is actually a good sign! It means that he is actually interested in you.

no when the guy in pasifalog town says he sees it. go to rought 131 where skypiller is on emerald

you were different back then. You were really gorgeous in that picture. He thinks your hot!

He probably means that he isn't interested in you in a romantic way, but sees you as a mate and would like to keep it that way for now.

That he probably wants to continue the relationship, and maybe marry you when you're older.

he is probably either being honest, or macho to his friends, watch the body langage, but is shy and confused with what he wants

He's Not in love with you and he's stupid enough to think he can love you in time. or if you give him a lot of sex!.

If a guy gets speechless when he sees you in a dress, it does not necessary mean that he likes you, he could only be driven by lust.

Not nessacerely a guy can just hug you as friends.

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