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What does it mean when a guy says I feel like I need to kiss you?


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He sees that you need his affection or he just wants to express his love

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That you and your partner need to practice! :D

It could mean 1 or more of 3 things:She doesn't want to kiss anymoreShe wants to do more than kissing nowIt could mean various things, talk to her about it, no need to feel shy.

it means they feel like they physically need it

obligated means that someone feels obligated like they need to do something like you feel like you don't have a choice

The dream of excretion may mean that you feel like you are holding on to too many bad thoughts or issues, and need someone to talk to about them. It may also mean that you feel like you have done something wrong and need to clean yourself of the guilt.

That you need to feel like someone cares about you

If this is happening to you, you need to take it up with your doctor.

It means that you need to kiss a few frogs before you meet your prince;p

People who say that they feel the need to share mean that they wish to talk about their feelings.

As long as you feel you need to. When you have your first, kiss, you'll just know. It'll come naturally.

Get your friends to tell his friends to bug him about it. Him vein a guy will be like competitive and kiss you. But you need to of your close. Guy and girl friends to be there and keep saying kiss kiss!

Be faithful to your boyfriend, no need to kiss other people. Go be a good girlfriend and help him feel better, not yourself.

you need to kiss bowwow azz who ever wrote that you need talk me me and not bowwow

well if you what to and you think the other person wants to go for it.. i normally do on the first date but you don't need to feel like you have to or if your not ready then don't. but there's nothing wrong with it

if you feel you need the boy's kiss more than your friend then take that chance. not saying you will lose the friend just know its possible

tell her the truth immediately. and by immediately i mean YESTERDAY. You need to tell her how you feel.

It could mean that you're worrying about an upcoming operation, or worrying about some ailment that you have. It could also mean that you feel like you need to look within yourself or someone else in order to learn or to heal. If you're dreaming of doing an operation on someone else, maybe you feel like you need to save them or that they're hiding a secret from you.

If a guy forces you to kiss him then he is not the right guy for you! You need to decide if you wanna kiss him not the guy! I can relate to that because there was once a guy I liked and he tried to force me to kiss him! Never like a guy like that. That is called a unhealthy relationship.

If by violently you mean passionately then I understand. But if you kiss him violently then you would kind of attack him with a kiss or the kiss would be sudden and unexpected. However if you mean passionately, then you put your heart and soul into this kiss, like your life depends on it. It's usually used to show how much you love your bf/gf and how much you need them/want them. Close your eyes and just give out everything you've got when you kiss him. Hold him tight but with care and lose yourself with this kiss. Soon he'll find himself understanding what you mean and he'll lose himself in the kiss too! *If this isn't what you meant, then don't listen to anything I said ;) *

it means you need to get a real person in your life to dream about.

You should tell him how you feel then kiss him because he is probably waiting for you to kiss him while you're waiting for him to kiss you. So just kiss him and you won't regret it.I wouldn't want my girlfriend to kiss me first, so in my opinion, tell him what you want but let him do it. You could ask him whether he'd like to kiss you or you could tell him directly that you want him to.ask him to kiss you quietly and romanticallyAfter a short silence, say something like "my lips need to tell your lips a secret", and then "can i let my tongue in on the secret too?oh he will know [First answer] The first person is pretty much right. like lean on his shoulder and look him in the eye. he should make the move to kiss you.

To feel ill or have feel sick and to need doctors help

We feel like we need to be loved on

pash? lol.. if you mean to break up... then you are in luck! Just tell him how you feel, and how that you guys are still bffs for life....

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