What if a guy says your pretty but he won't go out with you?


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Maybe his mom won't let him or he already has a girlfriend. If you like him don't get upset. You should ask him why he doesn't ask you out.

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Ask yourself: who do I like more??? and you dont have to go out with them just because they compliment you. maybe your just cute

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If your in love with him, follow your heart, go a slow with him, make sure he really means it, and tell him how you feel. If he really loves you back give him a chance to prove to you, that he can be trusted

Ignore them all, unless that is what you and the guy want anyway!!

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a guy who calls you beautiful not hot a guy who is always there to talk a guy who opens the door and lets you go in first a guy who is proud to have you as his girl and wants to tell the world a guy who is worth your tears but wont make you cry a guy who calls you back when you hang up a guy who holds your hand in front of his friends a guy who kisses you on the forehead a guy who thinks your pretty without any makeup on a guy who constantly reminds you of how much you mean to him

You should ask your friend that got dumped first before asking or getting that guy or pretty much doing anything around him. Get to know him better like the usual steps. Tell him how you feel in a flabbergasted and exaggerated way to surprise him first. If she says no, then she thinks that he cheated on him with you and broke up with you first. If she says yes, then go for it. It also depends if he says yes or no too. If he says no, he doesn't deserve you, her, or anybody. If he says yes, go for it just promise to not ruin your friend's friendship or his if you really want to go out with him.

DONT go out with him you wont know if he is cheating or not sorry :(

It means the guy possible likes you and wants to go out with you LOL

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To be frank... you dont. If you dont speak to the guy and says yes to you asking him out, then the realtionship wont go far. For the sake of all of us girls who made a fool of themselves for the same reason, dont ask him out.

Say hey thanks ya wanna go out?

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