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we'd have night vision and we'd be sensitive to thermal radiation

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Q: What if a human had infrared sensitive eye?
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Is human eye sensitive to red light?

yes the human eye is sensitive to red light

Why does the wavelength response of the human eye match so well the visual window of Earth's atmosphere?

The human eye's sensitivity to wavelengths in the visual window of Earth's atmosphere is due to evolution adaptations during the development of the human eye. If infrared radiation were in abundance, then it is believed our eyes would be sensitive to infrared radiation.

What is difference between visible and infrared light?

Visible light is visible (for the human eye), infrared is not. Infrared has a longer wavelength, and a higher frequency. visible light is visible to human i.e the VIBGYOR, above vibgyor are ultravoilet light which is not visible to human eye and below vibgyor are infrared light which is also not visible to human eye.

Which color is most sensitive to human eyes?

The human eye is most sensitive to the colour green.

What colour is human eye most sensitive to?

Human eyes are most sensitive to green light.

What are two forms of light that the human eye cant see?

The human eye cannot see in the infrared or the ultraviolet.

Is infrared radiation harmful to the human eye?

yes it is u

What is good sentence using infrared waves?

Infrared waves are a frequency of the spectrum that is undetectable by the unaided human eye.

Is a infrared a type of light?

Infared is a type of light that is not visible to the human eye.

A human eye has more of what cells?

light sensitive cells

What colors are most visible to the human eye?

Yellow is the colour that the human eye is most sensitive to, this is where the wavelength is around 555 nanometers.

What color light is the human eye most sensitive to?

I think it is white.

What does rods of eye do?

The rods in human eyes are sensitive (photoreceptive) to light and dark, as opposed to the cones which are sensitive to colour.

What are 2 forms of light that the human eye cant see?

infrared light and ultraviolet light

What are the difference between bluetooth and infrared?

Bluetooth is a 2.4GHz wireless (RF) serial data protocol, whereas infrared ports rely on infrared light transmission (which is invisible to the naked human eye).

What does infrared wave mean?

It is an electromagnetic wave, which means it is similar to light, but invisible to the human eye. Infrared light (or infrared waves) have a longer wavelength and a smaller frequency than visible light.

Why is light so narrow on the spectrum?

That is all that the human eye pigments are sensitive to.

What is the out most color of the rainbow?

Yellow-green is most sensitive to the human eye.

What is a Sensitive layer of eye?

The retina is the sensitive layer of the eye

How do infrared night vision goggles work?

They work by taking the light form the infrared spectrum (which the human eye can't see) and converts it to the visible spectrum (which humans can see).

Why a human with blue eye can see more in night?

Blue eyes are the most sensitive to light

Most sensitive eye color?

The most sensitive eye color is blue. The least sensitive is brown.

Is the human retina is sensitive to ultraviolet light?

the lens is the most sensitive part of the eye. the retina can become damaged when there is an excessive ultraviolet light exposed.

Which part of the eye is sensitive to light?

The retina at the back of the eye is light-sensitive.

Does infrared light look red to the human eye?

No, it does not. Infrared (which means literally, "below red") is the part of the spectrum of even longer wavelengths that cannot be seen by the unaided human eye. Infrared radiation has wavelengths between about 750 nm and 1 mm, spanning three orders of magnitude. Humans at normal body temperature radiate chiefly at wavelengths around 10 micrometres.