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From what I have heard from family is that Robert Edwards ( a supposedly pirate)ship went down somewhere between England and New York. He willed the land to siblings and their children. Siblings of Robert Edwards are Susan Rebecca Edwards, Rueben Nathaniel Edwards and John? Edwards. Anyway, either Robert or Thomas (Robert's father leased the land to two brothers for 99 years or so the story goes. When the brothers died the land then was suppose to go to the Edwards family but it never did. The Edwards were suppose to claim the land after the 99 years were up but no one claimed therefore the land would be sold to the highest bidder. Which in this case was the Trinity church. Hoped this help some.


I believe this page really explains it in detail. I am the great great granddaughter of Catherine Edwards who was an heir.

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Q: What if anything does the Trinity Church have to do with the Edwards Land in New York?
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Who really owns the land in lower Manhattan now controlled by the trinity church?

The land in question was originally owned by Robert Edwards. In all actuality it is still owned by Edwards Heirs. There was lot's of dirty dealings done way back when. I could say more but choose not to.

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Why do you think people left land to the church when they died

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