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When you both reach the age of majority, you both can marry. Listen to why your family doesn't agree (you don't have to agree)--they may have good reasons. You will both have to be tolerant of each other's beliefs to have a successful marriage.

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Q: What if boy is Muslim and girl christian and his family doesnt agree for a marriage?
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What are the chances of a Christian and Muslim love relationship working and will a Muslim man ever tell his family of the Christian girl?

Interfaith marriages involving a Muslim man and a Christian girl do work, but it is rare for a Christian man to marry a Muslim girl. However Muslim and Christian expectations from marriage are very different. Whereas a Christian will at least hope that marriage is for life, through all ups and downs, Muslim men are much more willing to divorce and remarry, often eventually to a younger girl.Some Muslim men enter into casual relationships with Christian girls, with no intention of marrying. They enjoy the opportunity for a sexual relationship, but sill want to marry a virgin Muslim girl, when they are ready for marriage. Because in these cases there is no intention of marriage, he is less likely to tell his family about the Christian girl.

Can the family of a non Muslim boy attend his marriage to a Muslim girl in the mosque?


Why is khalil madovi christian not Muslim?

Because his family is

Can a Christian marry a Muslim?

A Muslim man can marry Christain women but, Muslim women cannot marry Christian man.The Bible forbids any Christian from marrying anyone who is not a Christian, in such verses as:2 Corinthians 6:14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?The Bible also notes (truthfully) you will have much trouble in your marriage, especially if a Christian woman marries a Muslim man.Yes, but if the Muslim is male and the Christian is female, then the Christian has to become a Muslim in order to marry them.I'm not sure what happens if it's the other way around. But most times if the Muslim is a female, her father doesn't let her marry outside of her religion...It all depends on the people anyhow.

Can a muslim woman marry christian man by civil marriage?

Yes, even in a Christian church, but the Muslim's family will most likely have a problem with this union. Christian family may as well, it all depends on the people.Comment on Answer aboveNo, she can't. Marriage in Islam is defined as a contract between the two partners and Allah (God in English and same God worshiped in Christianity and Judaism). Accordingly, it should be matching all terms and conditions specified by God in His holy book Quran and by prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Even civil marriage should be matching these conditions. The licit marriage per Islam teachings is valid only:A Muslim man and a Muslim, Christian, or a Jewish woman; andA Muslim woman and only a Muslim man.Hence a Muslim woman is not allowed to get married licitly to a Christian man.It is strictly forbidden for a Muslim woman to marry a Christian man if she knows that one day she will be in front of Her Creator and will be asked about her commitments to the Islam teachings and accordingly she will be either accepted in God's Paradise or be pushed in Hell fire.Unlicit marriage in Islam is not different than fornication which is strictly forbidden in Islam and is a big sin.

Can a Muslim attend a christian funeral if its a family member?

Of course they can.

Was kahlil gibran born in a Muslim family?

No he was not. He was born intro a Maronite Christian Family.

Is there a Muslim blessing for marriage?

Yes, any Muslim is blessing marriage for it is the only approach per Islam teachings to have a family and to practice sex (both oral and intercourse sex).

What access equity you need to be aware of if a Muslim girl and aboriginal youth are in a relationship and wanting to move into a shared house with the boyfriend. family has strong family values?

You need to know that: Muslim females are only allowed relationships with males that will lead to marriage AND Muslim females are prohibited from marriage to non-Muslim males.

Is zayn from one direction a musilms?

yes, but not FULL ON IMMA DO THIS KIND STUFF muslim, more of 'my family is muslim so i am muslim' he himself doesnt really have a prefrence

Is Obama Muslim because his middle name is?

Not at all. Barack Hussein Obama is not Muslim; he inherited his father's Muslim name because it was in his father's family. But President Obama was raised by his Christian grandparents and today is a practicing Christian.

Non Muslim boy to marry Muslim girl in mosque but his family cannot attend?

well the girl's family, if they good muslims, would be very disgraced by the marriage of their daughter to a non muslim. has to do with the quran and stuff *Sher101*

Is Samuel eto'o a Muslim?

He converted may 17th 2006 to Islam from a christian family

In which religion Katrina Kaif believe?

in a talk show, Katrina kaif was interviewed. and she said she is back to London every xmas to celebrate it with her family members there. most of her sisters are staying in London. also her mom. she doesnt follow her father's religion , Islam. since she celebrates xmas.. so Katrina kaif is a Christian, following the religion of her British mom. Her father is Muslim, and under Islamic traditions she would automatically be a Muslim. Katrina kaif is a Muslim and a christian because her father is Muslim and mother is british christian

Are les twins christian?

No they are not Christians but Larry said that some of his family converted to muslim.

If a Muslim girls doesnt like her husband but fears the family and keeps quite what should she do as their marriage is still not consumated even after 15dayscan she ask for khula?

YES SHE can.she should discusss it with her husband and get a local Immam oe family elder involved and sort the matter.

Where can one go to find Christian marriage advice?

Christian marriage advice can be found on several websites online. A website dedicated solely to Christianity is Crosswalk. Other sites that have Christian marriage advice include the Christianity section of Advice and Family Life.

How many years was Barack Obama a practicing Muslim?

0. Barack Obama was raised Christian and still is Christian. He was never Muslim. Barack Obama's father and that family was Muslim, but as Barack grew up primarily with his mother he was not exposed to that as much.

What is the Islamic method in marriage of first night by video?

In Islam man cannot have intercourse with a woman without marriage. When a Mulsim man wants to marry a Muslim woman or even from those of the book "Christian or Jew". He must first inform his family "out of respect and in seeking God's mercy" The will arrange to see the girl. If he liked her and she liked him, the two families will arrange for writing the marriage contract. they will go to the court or court rep. will visit them. He will record the consent of both the proom and the pride and their family. Her custodian's "father, brother, grandfater, uncle" consent is must to conclude her marriage. Conditions for Muslim man marriage: A Muslim male can marry a Muslim, Christian or Jew female. A Muslim woman cannot marry other than a Muslim. It is a must for a man wishing to marry a Muslim woman is to embrace Islam. The other main condition is the consent of the pride and proom to marray each other. Must annonce their marriage by a wedding party or similar so people will know them as husband and wife. But why a Muslim woman cannot marry a non-Muslim while a Muslim can marry a christian or a jew "people of the book" not a pudist or similar. In Islam children follow their father in religion. If the father is a Muslim they are born as such this is one reason. The other reason is the respect of their religions. A muslim man respects christianity and judism as celestial religions and thereafter will allow his christian or Jew wife to practice her religion because as Muslims we believe all previous prophets and messengers of Allah from Adam to Jesus while Christians and Jews do not believe in Islam or in prophet Mohammed peace be upon him. This will make their life misearable.

What is the core of the Christian family?

A marriage before God of one man to one woman.

Can a Catholic marry a Muslim?

The Catholic Church would discourage such a marriage, but it can be permitted, subject to diocesian approval. However, the Catholic partner must vow to raise his or her children from the marriage as Catholics, and the Muslim must acknowledge that she or he understands this intention has been stated.Muslims generally consider that a Muslim woman can not marry a Christian man, although instances do increasingly occur. So, for Islam the question is generally about a Catholic woman marrying a Muslim man, and this is certainly permitted in Islam. The Muslim man is under an implicit obligation to raise the children from his marriage as MuslimsThere remain the questions of quite significant cultural differences, and of the form of the marriage. The Catholic Church requires the marriage to take place in a Catholic Church, with no other marriage ceremony either before or after the Catholic one, but the Muslim's family will probably object to this, so few Catholic-Muslim interfaith marriages take place in a church. The usual choice when the groom is Muslim is for an Islamic marriage, also there is at least one imam in Britain, and another in South Africa, who are prepared to officiate over a marriage between a Christian man and a Muslim bride. A neutral choice is a civil wedding, which is an increasingly popular choice even for marriages that are not interfaith.

If a non Muslim girl wants to marry a Muslim man but didnt grow up in a religious family would that be possible?

Yes, as long as she is a believing Jew or Christian. But a Muslim wife is better for a Muslim man

Can there be a Muslim bridesmaid at a Christian wedding?

There is no reason a Muslim bridesmaid cannot be at a Christian wedding. However, it is wise to check with the bridesmaid as to what she should wear in the wedding party if her family is still sticking to their old cultural ways.

Was Martin Luther King Jr Muslim?

No. Dr.King came from a Christian family. His dad was even a Priest!

You are a Christian woman engaged to a Muslim man and He has not told his family Will this ever change and if it is acceptable for him to be married to you what religious or family obligations does he?

As the "People of the Book" Jews and Christians share a special closeness to Islam. It is therefore permitted for a Muslim man to marry a Jewish or a Christian woman - on the condition that the woman is PRACTICING her faith ( not just Jewish or Christian by name ).Muslim women do not marry non-Muslim men. That is because of several reasons, like: children are influenced in religion by the father more, Mulsim women may be prevented from fasting because part of fasting is sexual abstinence and if her husband does not respect that he may be pushy in his desire for her, etc.AnswerI am married to a Muslim man and his family has accepted me knowing that I am a born again christian. Before the marriage I had to agree not to have children, because the children would follow the belief of their father and there was no other way around this. Now as a christian the Word of God which is the bible says do not be unequally yoke. Well I have been married for 7 years and he has not become a christian. The married life is not easy, because it is not surrounded around Jesus and this makes a lot of mountains around the marriage. I would like to go church or bible study with the priest in my home but he cannot be.Think wisely let the Holy Spirit direct you in this. A marriage is a life time and you would like to have a one in fellowship.