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The widening of the rib area on a chest x-ray can reveal the possibility of Emphysema or a pulmonary abscess. This would apply to both shifts and well as shadows on the x-ray.

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Injury to the skin causes discoloration?


What is the medical term meaning bruising of the brain as a result of a head injury?

Cerebral contusion or concussion is bruising of the brain.

Does an area of injury always bruise before swelling?

The simple answer here is no. An area of injury may bruise before, during, or after swelling. Depending on the location of the injury, the mechanism of injury, and the time of injury. If the injury is superficial in location, such as a blunt trauma to the skin overlying the thigh, it is common for bruising to occur in conjunction with the swelling. However, these two injury markers are not always present together. For instance, a knee injury will often cause inflammation and swelling of the joint, without any external evidence of bruising. Generally speaking, bruising is a superficial response to injury.

Which symptoms indicate pain due to injury?

Pain is the main symptom that indicates an injury has occurred. Swelling, bleeding, and bruising can also indicate an injury.

What is the bruising of the brain tissue as a result of a head injury known as?

cerebral contusion

What is the immediate response to blood vessel injury?

The immediate response to blood vessel injury is -bleeding (external) -swelling/bruising (internal)

Why does bruising occur?

Bruising is an after effect of traumatic injury or cuts. In these injuries, blood vessels rupture and the blood gets trapped under the skin causing the discoloration.

What is a bruise caused by blunt trama to skin called?

A bruise is a contusion. Bruises or contusions are not really classified, but the cause and injury to other structures are classified, such as "blunt trauma". Most bruising in healthy individuals is not a cause for alarm. The injury to other structures is the concern.Note: Unusual bruising without injury can also be a cause for concern.

What is the definition of thrombocytopenia?

deficiency of platelets in the blood. This causes bleeding into the tissues, bruising, and slow blood clotting after injury.

What could be the cause of random back bruising?

There are several things which could be the cause of random back bruising. Some of the causes include spinal fracture, pancreatitis, coagulopathy and back injury among others.

What are two types of head injuries?

Concussion - Mild brain injury, results in a temporary loss of consciousness Contusion - Occurs when bruising of the brain happens, a more severe type of injury

What is acute concussion?

A concussion is a brain injury in which there is "bruising" of the brain. Acute means it hasn't been going on very long.

Why does the tongue turn different colors when it is pierced?

It is full of blood and the trauma of the injury makes the color sort of like bruising.

What does it mean when you get bruising on the backs of thighs after walking on treadmill?

bruising is a sign of inflammation and cell injury. If your not hurting yourself or taking any medication that makes you more prone to bleeding.Something is not right and you need to get yourself checked by a doctor.

What is the injury rate of rugby compare to cricket?

Its vastly higher in rugby. almost every player in a rugby game will have some kind of injury most are minor bruising and cuts which are not seen at all in cricket

What are all the ways of Self-Injury?

Burning /branding , scratching, cutting, bruising, drinking harmful chemicals and any kind of self injury where the aftereffect lasts more than 2 minutes. Self injury is any kind of way someone intentionally inflicts pain or damage to them self.

Is it normal for eyes to swell shut after a concussion?

It's not uncommon and it makes sense. The concussion itself doesn't cause this. However, if you're talking concussion, you're talking about a pretty serious impact. If there's discoloration and signs of bruising around the eyes, I would be inclined to consider this a standard impact injury, e.g. bruising, and call it a collateral injury. If however, you agree that this is a bruising effect (and perhaps if you call your doc and get her to agree too), icepack it. However, if you're concerned, call whoever treated this patient and ask them. It's hard to really know when I can't even see the injury :}

What is the treatment for torn cartilage in the rib area?

There is no such medical condition as a torn cartilage in the rib area. If you have had injury, you can get a fracture of ribs or just bruising from trauma

Can you play sports with hemophilia?

It is generally not a good idea to play most sports with hemophilia. Anything that can cause injury, including bruising, cuts, or scrapes, can be life threatening.

What is the difference between soft and hard tissue injuries?

a soft tissue injury is mainly a tear, strain, sprain, and swelling a hard tissue injury is serious like a broken bone, severe fractures, joint dislocation, bruising, internal bleeding

What is a common manual handling injury?

The main injury is a back strain, then tendon strain in the arms and fingers. Then follows heavy packages breaking toes or bruising feet if the load accidentally drops onto a foot that is not wearing metal-capped industrial boots.

What can ice packs be used for?

An ice pack can be used to stop swelling and bruising and sometimes pain. It slows down the rush of all the blood in your body trying to rush to the injury.

When you sprain your wrist do bruises show up?

Sprains do not always cause bruises. Fractures typically cause bruising. But even the worst bruise does not define how bad (or not) the injury truly is.

What is the Rancho Los Amigos Scale of Cognitive Functioning designed to do?

It identifies the level of a client's cognitive functioning as he/she recovers from a TBI Traumatic Brain Injury.

Which is better on a black-eye hot or cold compress?

A cold compress is best immediately after the injury to decrease swelling and to increase vasoconstriction to the area to help keep bruising to a minimum. After a day or so, when the swelling has decreased, apply warm compresses to increase blod flow and eliminate the bruising quicker.

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