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yes that person is really dumb for braking up when they still love u. are you sure he/she REALLY loves you??

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What is rebound?

Say you threw a ball at someone and it bounced back, thats a rebound

How do you know its rebound?

I dont ever see someone as being a rebound. In all reality after you date someone and break up and eventually find someone new its just moving on. whether it was a day after or a year after a break up i mean i don't think there is a thing such as a rebound just moving on with your life.

What is a rebound in a relationship?

a rebound in a relationship is when u have someone to go out with rite after u det dumped or break up with the person ur with

How do you avoid rebound relationships?

That depends on whether you're on the rebound and trying to avoid new relationships, or you don't want to be a rebound relationship. If you've recently broken up with someone and want to avoid jumping into another relationship you need to remember to stay strong and understand that you need time and space to heal. Yes, having someone there right away may feel good and right, but that could be because you're used to having someone there all the time. Just relax and take your time when looking for/ entering a new relationship. If you don't want to be a rebound relationship, and someone who is on the rebound is interested in you, you should make it clear to them that you don't want to be a rebound, and that if you want a relationship with them, then you should wait a little bit to make sure this is what both people want. Don't rush into things. Take our time.

What should you do if you like someone they like you back but they have a girlfriend?

well your just a rebound

Is it considered using someone when you are only with them to try and forget your ex?

yes it is using some one because you don't realy have feelings for that person they are just a rebound

Is there anybody perfect?

Nope. But there is someone who is perfect for you.

When someone leaves you for someone else dose this count as a rebound relationship for them?

Not necessarily. If they left you for someone else that would indicate they are just moving on - as you should.

What is billiards rebound?

The term "rebound" is not a billiards term. However, a ball "bouncing" off a rail might be termed rebound to someone that is not a billiards player. The action off a rail is complex and the simple term used is "bank". The bank shot changes the balls direction, momentum, and rotational momentum so cannot be considered a simple rebound.

Should one wait for someone who has just came out of a breakup?

One should because that person is vulnerable and if they say they love you or something it's because your on the rebound and theyre slightly messed up (not in a bad way).

Why is it so hard to find a perfect person for you?

The perfect person for you is hard to find because no person is perfect for you. There either taken or probably just gay! You should look for someone with good looks great personality and cares about YOU! Just keep looking and someone will come.

Is it bad to date someone 1 year younger than you?

No not at all Really people have said a 10 year distance in age is the perfect marriage!

What is the slang term for someone you get with to forget someone else?

I would call it a rebound. "The best way to get over one girl is to get under another"

Why is being perfect a burden?

Being perfect is a burden because no one is perfect. Everybody has a secret, embarrassing or not. Yes people may seem perfect to you but they are really not. Someone is always hiding something, but it might not be that transparent. **Hope that answered your question!(:**

What is the moral lesson of Matilda movie?

don't let someone put you down because you are perfect the way you are

How is Saint Augustine the perfect name for someone?

Because he was one of the Church Fathers. He is also someone many people can relate to, as he started out as a terrible sinner.

If your boyfriend moved in with someone else after 3 weeks of splitting from you would that mean he was on the rebound?

yes he is on the rebound. It is really rare to find a new love that quickly. Why would he tell me that he is happy with her 100% & that he loves her?

Can you be a rebound after going out with someone that broke up 3 months ago?

It is certainly possible as there is no specific time limit when feelings subside for someone if ever.

How to be the one and not be the rebound relationship?

to be the one and not the rebound it would have to unexpected you would have to not want it that's how mine is, he watched me for 3 years get emotionally abused.. but we were really good friends and he loves me and has for 3 years i was with someone else

What does it mean when someone tell you love the way you are and your perfect for me each and every way ?

Tobe the same and have ur own personality because that is who someone wants to love

In the Where the Red Fern Grows Why in Billy's opinion do the names carved in the tree seem perfect names for his pups?

it seems perfect for the pups because it has the names of someone they love and care about.

Should you try to be friends with someone after they used you as a rebound and lied to you?

Well, I wouldn't but its all up 2 u

What do they call the time right after someone breaks off a relationship or gets divorced and before they get into another one?

on the "rebound"

How do you forget someone you love?

There's a famous saying. Time is the greatest healer. For most people this is true. Some may also find that having been in a rebound relationship has helped. Don't seek out a rebound unless they know the story as this is not fair to them. Answer You don't ever forget someone you love.

Does god esay forget when someone wrongs you?

No. Forgive them and learn from what they have done so that you do not do it yourself. Forgive them because they have taught you. Forgive them because you know how not to be. Would we know what perfect was if everything was perfect? Would we know not to cause pain if we never experienced it?