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What if someone wants you to sit next to them?


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Go ahead and just sit.

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he likes u or he wants to show u that he wants to be good friends with u

its pretty much the girl wants to have you near her, but she's too shy to talk to you. or just doesnt want to say anything stupid.or she might just want you to sit there so the smelly kid that is intrested in her doesnt sit there.Sounds like she wants you to do the talking.

Say 'Thank you', smile maybe, and sit down, tell her your name, get to talking etc.

It probably means that he wants you to sit next to him, which most likely means that he likes you.If you like him, by all means sit next to him.However, if you don't like him, I would suggest that you don't sit next to him, as this would most likely lead him to think that you do like him.

If you sit next to her, that does not mean that you are on a date. If you ask someone out you bassicly want to go on a date, so i don't see anything wrong about that.

yes and no sometimes they're to shy sometimes not of probably he wants get to know you

not necessarily, but its a possibility! just watch to see if he flirts with you/his mannerisms, you can tell a lot from it .

it either means he likes you and wants you to sit next to you so you too can chat or it means his ex friend is going to sit there and he doesnt want him too...but im pretty sure its he likes u

Those my friend are either mixed signals. It could be good because she wants to sit next to you or it could be bad because it could mean she doesnt have any room and is forced to sit next to you.

ask her to, or ask if you can sit next to her.

she begins to sit next to you, talk to you, text you and also if she is "popular" then more boys will start to talk to you.

They will go out of their way to talk with you or be around you. They may even call you at home or want to have lunch or sit with you.

It means: next to. It can also mean: beside (as in, to sit beside someone)

Ask him, "Do you want to sit next to me in class?"

It could mean she wants to meet you because she's never seen you before so she might want to be friends with you, or she wants somebody to sit by her on the bus because her best friends were sick, or she might have done it as a friendly action because when you were on the bus there wasn't any seats left and you looked a bit lost and she wanted to let you know there was a seat and let you sit by her.

sit next to him see if he's going or if he was going with someone then ask but show confidence

Possibly he wanted to sit down, maybe he was a little tired. If however he went out of his way to sit next to you than anyone else, then maybe he wants to get to know you a little better and you should initiate some conversation, smile at him and see whether he responds.

It means that he might like you, or want to go with you. He may also crush on you.

because he can and he wants to be number 2 on rich list next year

It means that he wants to talk to you, but he's shy, and he doesn't want to sit next to you because he blushes when he's around you. (And if you are a boy who asked this question then he is NOT gay he just wants to be your friend.)

Probably because the seat next to you was vacant and you did not smell bad or look frightening to her. There is a slight possibility that she thought you may be someone pleasant to make conversation with.

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