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The Ottoman Empire defeated The Byzantine Empire on May 29,1453

Alexander the Great defeated the Achaemenid Empire (Persian Empire).

The Ottoman Turks defeated the Byzantine Empire in 1453.

Cortez defeated the Aztec empire in 1521.

the Assyrians had defeated the babylonians

Terran Orletsky is 5' 8".

Terran Hayes is 163 cm.

Tony Terran was born in 1926.

Francisco Pizarro of Spain defeated and eliminated the Incan Empire in 1532.

The Spanish defeated the Aztecs and their empire.

The units are:1. Terran Marine Attack: Air/Ground2. Terran Firebat Attack: Ground3. Terran Medic No Attack Special: Heal/ Flare4. Terran Ghost Attack Air/Ground Special: Cloak/Lockdown/Nuclear Missle5. Terran Goliath Attack: Air/Ground6. Terran SCV Attack: Ground7. Terran Siege Tank Attack: (Siege Mode): Ground/ Tank Mode:Ground8. Terran Vulture Attack: Ground Special: Spider Mines9. Terran Wraith Attack: Air/Ground Special: Cloak10. Terran Valkyrie Frigate Attack: Air (Best grouped with Terran Wraiths)11. Terran Battlecruiser Attack: Air/Ground Special: Yamato Cannon12. Terran Science Vessel No Attack Special: Defense Matrix/ Emp Shockwave/ Irradiate13.Terran Dropship No Attack

The Aztec empire was defeated because the Spanish had more power and money than the Aztecs did

The Aztec empire was defeated by Hernando Cortez. He had a larger army and he allied with other groups.

Terran Sandwith was born on April 17, 1972.

Terran Sandwith was born on April 17, 1972.

the Songhai empire was defeated due to the lack of modern use of weapons by the Songhai military

A terran scv cost 50 minerals.

Terran Orletsky's birth name is Terrance Orletsky.

Terran Hayes's birth name is Crystal Dayton.

The SASSANID EMPIRE was defeated at the Battle of Nahavand and all of their territories were annexed by the Rashidun Caliphate.

the roman empire defeated the egyptian empire in a time of great stuggle.

Alexander the Great defeated the Persian empire

Hernan Cortes defeated the Aztec empire.

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