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I don't really understand your question. The car dealer is not responsible for providing your auto insurance. It is your responsibility to obtain the proper insurance coverage for your vehicle and your situation.

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2012-09-01 02:36:00
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Q: What if the car dealer give you a car without proper insurance?
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Hello ive had a small accident in my Chrysler which i am supposed to exchange with another car dealer next week have fully comp insurance and gap insurance can you give me advice on what to do?

call the dealer and insurance agent.

Can you get car insurance in NY without a driver's license?

Progressive will give you insurance without your license but its not as cheap.

How much is scooter insurance for good driving students?

To find out how much scooter insurance for good driving students is, you should first go to your local car insurance dealer and find out what rates they are able to give you.

Can you buy a car in Florida with a suspended license?

Yes, but you have to buy it straight out and you can't drive it on the road! Buying a car on credit, you need a valid Driver License in order to get Insurance. A car dealer wont release a car on credit without proof of insurance and Insurance companies won't give you coverage unless you have a valid Driver License.

Can you cancel a vehicle sale contract and get your deposit back if the dealer did not get you to sign it?

Without a signature, there is no contract. If you want your money back the dealer is obligated to give it to you.

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What is the best price for fully comprehensive auto insurance as a triple A member?

The price depends on the dealer. Different dealers are different, so the prices are vary. The dealer may give you a deal if you can bargain for a lower price.

How much does the car dealer pay for a Hyundai Santa Fe?

go to it's kelley blue book and will give you proper info on your region

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No, even if it did, it would be less than you deductible anyway. Car keys cost about 7 dollars to replace by a brand car dealer. all you have to do is give the dealer your vin number.

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Some police will be nice and give you 24-48 hours to go home and get it and brinf it to the station. But they dont have to give you anything.. they can just charge you for driving without insurance. you can prove it to be untrue of coarse but its a pain

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