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What if the dash lights in your 1996 Ford Taurus go out as you drive what wiring might be loose?

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the bulbs themselves...and or the dimmer/light up on bulb replacement, then since that's the cheapest, change any burnt bulbs and see if any other bulbs are loose in their sockets...good luck..

Everyone should have a manual for their vehicle, and a professional shop manual should be available at your local library for diagnostic procedures etc, just make copies of the right pages, as they are usually REFERENCE up and good luck :)

2011-09-13 12:35:55
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What might cause the dashboard lights to flicker on a Sienna van?

Probably a loose wire or a short in the wiring that powers the dashboard lights. Also check the fuses and the wiring to and from them.

Why did tail lights go out 2000 ford SE?

short somewhere in the wiring or bulbs might be loose

1997 Chevy Lamina why does the interior lights keep flashing?

Probably a loose connection in the wiring or the bulb socket.

Why would the inside lights on only one side of a house flicker?

Most probably, a loose wiring connection.

Why do the blinker lights and brake lights work but tail lights don't work on 1987 ford ranger?

The tail lights are on a separate wiring than the blinker/brake lights. Look for a blown fuse or a broken/loose wire.

If have change the fuses and relays on your 1996 ford ranger and park lights tail lights still don not work?

Could be a wiring problem. Could also be loose connections, which I doubt, but hey.. anything's possible, right? I'm voting for wiring.

Why are all lights flickering on 1991 ford explorer?

Cracked wiring in the harness. But first make sure fuses are not loose in their holders.

Why does my Fuel gauge works erratically on 2002 Ford Taurus?

The fuel sending unit is sticking, or the wiring to the gauge is loose. These are the two most common causes of an erratic gauge.

Brake lights not working on a mustang 2000 gt?

Check to see if you have a blown fuse. This is often the case. Also you may try pulling the rear lights out and inspecting them for any damage or loose wiring.

Nopower gets to fuelpump?

Blown fuse, defective relay, loose or corroded wiring.Blown fuse, defective relay, loose or corroded wiring.

Why would the third brake light work on a 1996 Chevy Monte Carlo but not the other two brake lights work?

this tells you is a simple wiring problem.most likely a loose wire from the third light to the other lights.(third lights provides the power to the other lights)

Why do your 2004 envoy headlights hot work but all other lights work?

If the headlights on the 2004 GMC Envoy are not working, there could be a loose connection somewhere. If all of the other lights are working, it is most likely not a fuse that has blown. Double check the wiring to see if there is a loose connection.

Why are your headlights dash lights and interior lights flickering on your 97 Taurus?

The switch for your lights is probably going bad or is dirty, you may also have a loose wire or connector. Find some way to spray WD40 inside the dash dimmer switch may help a lot.

What causes the signal lights and the trunk switch to quit working on a 2000 chey Malibu?

Assuming that you have checked the fuses, look for a loose connection in the wiring harness. I believe that there is a connector in the trunk area that may have come loose.

Chevrolet Silverado Headlight Switch cause the running lights and dash lights not to work but the turn signals and brake lights do?

I found this on my 1997 Silverado and found the connection from the wiring harness to the back OS the switch itself was loose, I could wigle it arouns and make the lights come back on.

Can you help Battery gauge shows 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme not getting enough charge The needle even bounces when the blinker is on and the battery was replaced?

Possibly defective alternator, or loose or corroded wiring. Drive to an auto parts store and have them check the charging system. Most will do this free of charge.Possibly defective alternator, or loose or corroded wiring. Drive to an auto parts store and have them check the charging system. Most will do this free of charge.

Why would tail lights head light buzzer and dash lights quit at the same time on 93 GMC k2500?

There has been a power failure to these lights. Check for loose wiring at the battery, a bad fuseable link, or blown fuse to start the troubleshooting process.

Why is it when I pull my light switch on my 1997 Dodge Dakota my lights won't come on until I find that perfect spot and still they turn off while driving sometimes?

Either the switch is bad and needs to be replaced, or the wiring connection to it has become loose. Check for loose wiring first, before throwing money at it.

When a drive and press the brake all the dashboard lights goes off and on after few seconds when I drive?

Im pretty sure you are having a loose ground wire somewhere in the engine bay

Your dash lights come on and stay on till you turn the head lights on then the dash lights go out If you drive the car down the road the dash lights come back on when you stop they go out 1987 Covette?

Check for a loose ground wire - sounds like lights are backfeeding searching for ground

Why does your dashboard and parking lights not work but your headlights and brake lights work?

Sounds like a blown fuse in the dash, no biggie, just take it in and it should be a quick fix Wiring harness has come loose, blown bulbs, or bad wire.

Every now and then all the dash lights come on and then go off on 2002 Monte Carlo?

Check wiring for loose connections but DO NOT electrocute yourself! Best take it to a mechanic and stump up the cash unless you know about car wiring, which you seemingly do not.

Why dining room lights go on and off intermittently?

Check for loose wiring at the light itself and also at the light switch. There can also be a loose wire anywhere in the circuit supplying power to that light switch. Start at the light itself and work backwards in the circuit until you find the loose wire.

Why do lights flicker on Cadillac sts?

Flickering lights, on a Cadillac STS, is usually a sign of a loose wire. When all of the lights flicker, it is an indication of a loose battery ground cable.

How do you fix the tail lights and dash lights if all other lights are working on a 1992 Mercury Grand Marquis?

Answer- just replaced headlight switch on 1993 merc.grd.marq. took care of no tailights, no dash have a bad ignition switchOR, the wiring behind the headlight switch assembly might be bad, the harness can have warped or cracked and/or the wires may have come loose or otherwise lost their connection. Inspecting the wiring for the headlight switch would be the first step if it only occurs when you want the headlights or parking lights on, and the headlamps work but not the gauge cluster lights nor the tail lights, BUT, the brake lights still work.