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What if there is kissing going on in the movie?

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Is there going to be a kissing scene in Hannah Montana the Movie?

Yeah,there is I saw it!

Was nat Wolff kissing Selena Gomez when she was going out with Justin bieber?

no. in the movie selena gomez was starring in

Is there going to be lots off kissing in twilight?

Do you mean the movie, or the book? There is lots of kissing in the book, so I assume that there will be lots in the movie. Although, actually, Edward and Bella don't kiss lip-to-lip very often, as it's hard for Edward to control his lust for her blood when they do. There is kissing, though.

Where do you find the picture of Daniel Radcliffe kissing Bonnie Wright?

There is no such picture for them kissing. You can find them kissing in the movie

If a boy is going to be engaged with a girl so do kissing is allowed in Islam?

kissing is allowed if she is your wife

When 'Camp Rock' is on DVD can you watch a kissing scene?

There is no kissing scene in Camp Rock. If you get the DVD of the movie, the movie will be the same, as in there will not be a kissing scene. According to J-14 Magazine, Camp Rock star Demi Lovato was glad there was not a kissing scene in the movie. Actually there was a kiss at the end of We Rock but Joe kissed Demi on the cheek that's all but its not in the movie.

Is there a difference between going out and making out with someone?

making out is kissing. going out is dating

What is the most common choice for relationships in your society?

kissing in public or kissing in private holding hands walking to classes going to malls or parties going to parks or skateland or going ice skating

Do kill your darlings movie has a kissing scene?


Did bonnie wright like kissing Daniel Radcliffe in the movie?

she thinks that the kiss was weird.....but she enjoyed a lot in kissing him

How does a girl show that she wants a guy to kiss her?

she looks at your lips or talks about kissing or if you are watching a movie with kissing in it, and then she looks at you during the part of the movie where they are kissing, it means she wants to kiss you. or, nevertheless, just flirts with you a lot. JUST GO FOR IT DUDE!

Is there a kissing scene on camp rock2?

Yes there is a kissing scene on the movie. It's near the end. Mitchie and Shane kiss.

How do you learn how to kiss a girl?

By going and kissing a girl?:P

Why is kissing good for you?

They keep a relationship going & it can burn calories...

What do you call when you kiss someone and you are not going out with them?

a crush or possibly kissing?

What movie starring Brad Pitt features a kissing in bed scene?

The name of the movie starring Brad Pitt kissing was "Interview with the Vampire". Brad Pitt starred in this movie along with then young actress Kirsten Dunst.

What movie did Elvis sing little sister in?

Kissing cousin

Why can't I stop kissing him?

Because you're obsessed and are going nuts for him, or he can't stop kissing you. Pheromones, honey. It 's chemistry .

Where do I sit if my gfs mom is goin to the same movie as we are and I don't want her to see us kissing?

You had better sit in a different theater- because if you kiss her, Mom IS going to see it.

What does it mean when you dream about kissing a celeb?

its going to happen in the Future.... Have Fun with that =^_^=

Do Percy Jackson and annabeth chase kiss in the movie?

no kissing, very appropriate move except for the casino part (no kissing there though either :)

What is the name of the movie with the boy who saw santa kissing his mom and punished him for being a home wrecker?

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause

Is Justin bieber ok with Selena's kissing sense in Monte Carlo?

yes Selena said that he has seen the movie and is cool with the kissing scene

Was bells swan in her underwear the whole kissing?

In the book, no. In the movie, YES

What movie has kids kissing?

my girl,my girl 2, anger management.