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Q: What if you are going to be gone for 3 hrs how should you cook the pork roast?
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How to cook roast pork tenderlion?

The best way to cook roast pork tenderloin would be to put it on the grill. Many people would add barbecue sauce to it and let it cook until the pink is gone from the middle.

How long do you cook 3.5 pound bone in pork shoulder roast?

until you get a temp at the gone of at least 170

How can you tell if a turkey has gone bad before you cook it?

Meat that has "gone bad" will usually smell odd -- but not always! The rule is, if the meat has been left out of the refrigerator long enough to become warm to the touch, you should not cook and eat it. Meat should still be cool if it is "good."

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What cooking technique can you do to a spoiled raw chicken?

You should never attempt to cook meat that has "gone off" or looks bad.

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How can you tell if packaged roast beef has gone bad?

It will have a greenish tint to it. And it will be a little slimy and have a bad smell

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How do you cook frozen English muffins?

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