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I don't even know why your mother would even say that to you at a time like this. This is the time when you need her the most. she should be proud that you are willing to stand up to your responsibilities. Keep your head up. I haven't been through this personally but I have seen it first hand. Go to you're local Welfare department and see what they offer you. Don't take no for an answer. They have to give you medical insurance if not more else because you are bringing another life into the world. Don't worry, and don't stress over it because stress is no good for you developing child.

I just found out I was pregnant, & I don't have insurance either. All you have to do is go file for medicaid and let other American tax payers foot the bill for you and your baby. I went and filled out the apps. They give you some paper work to take to your doctor for your first couple of visits until you get your medicaid card. Everything is paid for except prescriptions. But when you get your card everything is taken care of. There is help out there. Good Luck!!!

If you are pregnant and do not have insurance you have the following options to choose from:

a) Use the Public System and let other tax payers foot the bill for your pregnancy

b) Pay for your medical checkups and treatments in cash

c) Consider joining a Health Insurance plan....your definitely going to need it especially after the baby is born. You think you'll have expenses now...wait until the baby gets sick, needs injections etc...

Try applying for Medicaid and let other peoples taxes pay the bill. They will even give you a temp. card thing so that you can get any medicines you need at that time, as well as go to doctors visits while they process your info into the system. The temp card should last from 30-45 days. And you should get a letter in the mail stating when your actual coverage begins.

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Q: What if you are pregnant and do not have insurance?
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Can you get life insurance if you are pregnant?

Yes but you must disclose the fact that you are pregnant.

Can you add your pregnant fiance on your Group Health insurance?

We just found out my Fiance is pregnant she doesn't have health insurance. Will Group Health Insurance let me add her and cover the pregnancy also?

Where can one get travel insurance if pregnant?

There are many places where one could get travel insurance if they were pregnant. The best place where one could get travel insurance would be through a travel agency.

Which companies offer health insurance for pregnant women?

Some companies that offer health insurance to pregnant women include eHealthInsurance and AHCCCS. You can learn more about this insurance at the company websites.

You are 33 weeks pregnant and your insurance runs out at the end of the month-if you switch insurance will the rest of your maternity costs be covered by new insurance?

Finding insurance for pregnant women is not always easy because pregnancy is considered a pre-existing condition. If you dont have coverage before you become pregnant, finding coverage can be is an article that can help you find affordable health insurance while pregnant and get you the coverage you need.

Can you get Medicaid if you have insurance and get pregnant?

You can get Medicaid if you are pregnant, even if you have insurance, if you meet the other factors of eligibility including citizenship/alien status and limited financial resources.

Why is it harder for pregnant women to get insurance?

Pregnancy is an extremely higher risk for every insurance. This is so, because there maybe a lot of complications during the pregnancy. So it is harder or just impossible for pregnant women to get an insurance.

Can spouse cancel insurance on his pregnant wife?


What supplemental insurance for pregnant woman?

Supplemental insurance is a great thing for pregnant women to have, but you must apply before getting pregnant.Supplemental insurance will replace your income during your maternity leave, and pay additional benefits directly to you if you experience pregnancy complications, delivery complications, premature birth, accidents and/or illnesses.

With health insurance will cover when you already the the insurance and your become pregnant and want to get married to the father of the baby?

What in the world is the question

Can you obtain insurance while pregnant?

This depends on the insurance company and whether or not they accept new applicants who are pregnant. Women who are pregnant, as well as the expectant father, are not eligible for individual coverage with BlueCross BlueShield of Florida until after the birth of the baby. Your state may be different.

What if you had insurance when you found out you were pregnant then lost your insurance can you qualify for medicaid?

You can get Medicaid when pregnant if you meet the eligibility requirements - principally, citizenship and limited income/assets. Medicaid can be backdated up to three months prior to the month of your application.You can get Medicaid even if you have insurance; however, your provider(s) must bill your insurance first, prior to billing Medicaid.

How is it dono to get a paternity test while still pregnant does your insurance usually cover some?

see link below "Can you have a paternity test while you are pregnant?"

If you do not get insurance through your new employer and your wife if pregnant where can you get insurance now and what should you look for when shopping around?

In CA, try the AIM Program or Mr. Mip.

Can you drive while being pregnant?

Depends on your insurance company, check with them Its not against the law as far as I know but your insurance could be void after a certain period of pregnancy.

Cost for a pregnant girl to go to doctor monthly if you do not have insurance?

i dont know ASK YOUR MOM!!

What are the release dates for Judge Judy - 1996 Pregnant Girlfriend and Pawned TV Pit Bull and Insurance Fraud?

Judge Judy - 1996 Pregnant Girlfriend and Pawned TV Pit Bull and Insurance Fraud was released on: USA: 5 January 2012

No insurance pregnanthow to get insurance if pregnant?

The Afffordable Care Act allows women to purchase health insurance that covers maternity and newborn care while pregnant. You must make an election for coverage during an open enrollment period. Look into Medicaid in your state. Medicaid provides coverage for pregnant women - often based upon income qualifications. You may also consider charity care. Contact your local hospital systems for more information.

Can your insurance company deny your insurance when pregnant?

Many health insurance policies have a maternity waiver. Meaning that pregnancy is not covered. ( Kind of a self inflicted injury type thing ) However, most companies will cover complications of pregnancy.

Can my husband add me to his medical insurance if you are already pregnant?

Yes only if you were previously insured with another company and lost your insurance or it is his companies renewal period , usually once a year.

Are you covered under your parents health insurance if you are pregnant and a minor?

This will depend on the kind of health insurance your parents have. Some health insurance may cover pregnancy while others do not. You will need to contact your insurance agent and ask them about your family coverage.You should also have a insurance booklet that states what treatments and doctor visits are covered and what is not covered.

Will a pregnant fiance be covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield when married and added to husband's insurance?

If the fiancée has Blue Cross Blue Shield and the husband has the same, I am sure that they will allow her to be added to his insurance policy. If the pregnant fiancée uses a different insurance company, then she may or may not be allowed to be added to the husbands insurance policy. Again, this varies case to case because of the different policies different individuals have. For the most accurate information, please contact your insurance representative. The pregnancy would be a pre-existing condition, so many insurance companies would not cover the costs. You should call the insurance companies involved to get an official answer.

Do you have to pay child support and insurance for your 17 year old pregnant daughter?

If you're in the US, getting pregnant does not emancipate a child, so the child support order is still in effect.

Is it possible to add a pregnant spouse during the open enroll period for insurance and the pregnancy not be considered preexisting?

== == Probably.

How much does a visit to lalitha masson cost to see if you are pregnant?

Depends on the insurance you have. For Aetna the co pay is $ 20.