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What if you are talking about it right now you have been dating for 3 month only?

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2016-04-09 17:15:37

Get married first

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2007-06-25 05:42:24

While you will never know another person 100% three months is

not long enough to know if you truly love this person. Usually when

you first meet someone it's all stars and glitter. I'd give it a

year, get engaged if you feel like it (or wait) and then decide on

marriage. Marriage is suppose to be taken seriously and last

forever (although you'd never know it from the stats on divorce.)

Obviously you are questioning whether you want to get married so

soon so listen to your inner self (you'll never go wrong doing

this.) If he truly loves you he'll wait and if he doesn't then

thank your lucky stars you found out his staying power was zero at


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