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While you will never know another person 100% three months is not long enough to know if you truly love this person. Usually when you first meet someone it's all stars and glitter. I'd give it a year, get engaged if you feel like it (or wait) and then decide on marriage. Marriage is suppose to be taken seriously and last forever (although you'd never know it from the stats on divorce.) Obviously you are questioning whether you want to get married so soon so listen to your inner self (you'll never go wrong doing this.) If he truly loves you he'll wait and if he doesn't then thank your lucky stars you found out his staying power was zero at best.

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Get married first

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How long has Roxy and terrance been dating?

they have been dating for 1 month

When is the right time to tell a boy you have been talking to or dating that you love them?

There is no 'right' time for this. When you are sure you will know. If you don't know then you are unsure of your feelings. You need to give it more time.

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Yes they been dating since the month of January no Adam isn't dating anyone, he is single.

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no way!

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no, lil chuckee has not been dating anybody for right now at this time.

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You are dating someone you had been friends with for 3 years and have been dating for about a month You both really care about one another When is it okay to tell him you love him?

When the act of not telling him becomes as painful as not eating.

Is kim hyun Jung and Jung so min have a relationship?

yes they have a relationship they been dating for a month.

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Who is she?? Are you talking about Beth Phoenix, well he asked her out and she said yes and they have been dating for almost a year now. They were both single no reason they should not date.

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Rumours about her and Robert Pattinson dating. Well, Kristen hasn't been spotted with her boyfriend for about a month. Rumours are she and Rob are dating.

Is Raven Simone dating anyone right now?

Raven Symone is currently dating AzMarie Livingston. They are in a long term relationship and have been dating since December 2011.

Does someone have the right to cheat if they've been cheated on?

only if your dating the person that cheated on you

Can Joe Jonas date a fan?

joe Jonas hasn't been dating a fan right now because he is dating Taylor swift

Has Christofer Drew got a girlfriend?

He had one, they had been dating for 2 and a half years. The broke up about a month ago.

What if a guy you've been quasi-dating for the past month calls and says he isn't ready for a girlfriend but you've made no real interest that you want to be his girlfriend yet?

You be honest with him and let him know that you are not in the same place that he is right now. You don't have to feel the same way he does, its only been a month and quasi dating isn't serious at all. See if this is something that he wants immediately, if so, tell him your position and let him make a decision....

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Who is dating chilli from TLC?

chilli is currently not dating anyone special but she has been on numerous dates to find that right man who has her check list tendacyes.

Is Trey Songz dating?

yes as of aug.14 2010 he has been seeing Nicki minaj the only reason i no is because me and Nicki we like bff and she said ever since lemonaid remix they been talking but they just started dating

Should your 12 year old boyfriend kiss you if you have been dating for about a month?

my opinion is Yess but get to knoe each other more

Who is Vanessa h is dating?

If you are talking about Vannessa Hudgens, then she is dating Zac Efron. He plays her on-screeen sweetheart in HSM1, 2, and 3. They have been together for, I think, just under or just over a year.

What to do for 6 month anniversary of dating when you are a teenager?

Take her to the beach. (If you haven't already) You can also ask a friend who has been dating for awhile. Ask yourself, what dose she like? And, what would SHE like to do. Do stuff like that.