What if you can not afford a funeral?

The average full blown funeral can cost up to 12K up front if you go directly to a funeral home. You can cut costs on products such as caskets by shopping on line. Funeral homes have a 100% mark up on their products and make a bundle off of them. I have a friend who works for a funeral internet based company and I saved thousands of dollars. You have to do your homework on companies, but ones like Star Legacy Funeral Inc. are very reputable and care about their customers. Usually caskets can ship 1-2 business days with the shipping included in the cost. Times are changing and the old days of not being able to shop for items like this (thanks to the internet) are gone. Funeral Directors have to accept third party caskets, because if they refuse they are in violation of laws. Anyway you can save money is good even in tough and emotional distraught times. It actually takes a lot of stress and financial difficulties off of loved ones. Anymore questions just ask.