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Leave it.

The impound lot will probably sell it if you, the owner, don't retrieve it in a certain amount of days.

(They won't come looking for you)

I had a college friend whose car broke down at a 7-11 store, they towed it, he just bought another vehicle and was glad to be rid of the old one!

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Q: What if you dont want your car back from the impound lot?
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Is it legal to take your car back from impound without pay?

If the impound releases it to you then it is okay, otherwise it is theft.

If the police impounds the car and it is not mine can the owner get the car back?

Yes, but not for free. Nobody cares who owns the car at this point. The impound yard will want their money and they don't care about your circumstances.

How do you get your car out of the impound in grand theft auto 5?

Steal it back if your online if not you buy it back

Do you need proof of insurance to get a car out of impound?

Assuming we are talking about a police impound lot, it will depend on the laws of your state. When a police officer stops a car in your state, whatever paperwork he will ask for during the stop is the same that you will need to show to the impound attendant to get your car back.

How soon will the impound sell your car in KY?

Impound will sell your car after the impound fees are higher than the value of the vehicle.

Can you get your car from impound?

Yes. It WILL cost you a pretty penny. Retreving a vehicle from impound could cost anywhere from $500 to $1500 to get it back. Good luck!

Need for speed carbon impound lot?

First of all there is no say that you will get your car back. the only way you might be able to get your car back is if you check all of the impound lots for your car. or if you bought your car after being pulled over or used a boss card. if not in the car lot it has already been sold at an auction.

If your car is stolen and then found in another state how do you get it back?

If you got a call and your car was in anoter state then if you wanted it back then you would have to go to that state and get it back usually at an impound lot.

How much does it cost to get a car out of impound?

it depends on the car

What happens when a car is repossessed in the state of Georgia?

The car gets taken to the impound lot, and you have to file paperwork and pay a certain amount of money to get your car back.

Can you take your stuff out of the car while its in impound?

NO! you cant its impound for a reason good luck

What happen when you have a title loan and the car gets booted?

It's still your car as long as you pay for it. You are expected to pay impound to get it back.......................but they have the title