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If the drug company was neglegent, consider hiring a lawyer and figuring out what action can be taken against the drug company. If the doctor was neglegent, do the same. You need to get your ducks in a row and investigate the cause of your problems.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-21 02:01:11
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Q: What if you have taken medication for ADD but it ruined your life?
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Can Strattera be taken for dyslexia?

No medication is effective for dyslexia. Strattera can should only be used for ADD or ADHD.

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Does ADHD medication work if you don't have ADHD?

Well considering you don't have ADD then it would be impossible to tell if it "Worked" and you wouldn't need the medication for anything in the first place. If you take adderall or ADD medication and don't have ADD or ADHD, the medication is actually a form of speed. And will make you very hyper

Is there an ADD medication with no amphetamine?

Yes it is called Strattera.

Is a decrease in penis growth a side effect of any ADD medications?

It depends of the medication... but any known ADD medication doesn't have an hormonal effect and shouldn't affect penis growth.

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Can caffeen interact with thyroid medication?

If you eat immediately after taking your thyroid medication, drink coffee, alcohol, or even add Metamusil to your water, this can affect the overall effectiveness of your thyroid medication.

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Can you become a firefighter if you take medication for ADD?

no you just get a job and get swift cover

What age can add be controlled without medication?

Yes I have add and I don't take any medication, I am 21 yeas old and I am going to college. I do have some what of a hard time in school but I think it is well worth it not to take medicine.

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What seems to be the most successful add medication?

Ritalin, boosting a higher success rate than all other methylphenidates, is the most successful ADD medication. Although, usually not preferred anymore due to many undesirable side-effects.

What happens if you mix ADD medication with antidepressants?

you will have an insanely bad crash and if you have depression your symptoms will worsen for a few days after taking ADD meds

How many years does laughter add to your life?

there is no evidence that laughter adds years to your life but it will add life to your years

What is the purpose of fitness?

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What should you do if you have adhd and add and can't study?

If one has trouble studying, has ADHD and ADD, and can't study, they may need to take medication to help them.

What is the most addictive ADHD medication?

Mfor my ADD I take Concerta. It also works for OCD to.

How did Paris Hilton overcome her add?

Paris Hilton takes medication (adderall) for her ADHD (with hyperactivity).

Does ADHD affect quality of work at school?

Yes it does. In fact it can have terrible effects on the quality of work at school and beyond as well as in your social life. If you think you or one of your loved ones has ADD or ADHD you better have it checked as soon as possible. There are many forms of medication and alternative treatments for ADD and ADHD.

How can you prevent add?

ADD/ADHD are genetic predispositions. As far as i know there is no preventative medicine/activities for ADD/ADHD, though there are many things one can do to lessen the symptoms and manage the disorder without medication

Can you prevent ADD?

ADD/ADHD are genetic predispositions. As far as i know there is no preventative medicine/activities for ADD/ADHD, though there are many things one can do to lessen the symptoms and manage the disorder without medication

Which ADD medication makes you lose weight the most and how long will it take to start losing weight?


Should kids with ADD and ADHD be required to take medication?

Yeah so they will calm the hell down!

Are kids with ADD allowed to babysit?

Depends if that kid is on medication or not. if yes, then it should be fine. If u have ADD its probably not somthing you want to mention while being interviewed.