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What if you like your friend and he likes you back?


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Then Girl, Start flirting back!! Make him Ask you out.!!

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If your friend likes him back, back down. Risking your friendship is not worth it. If he likes you both, but your friend doesn't like him, tell him. If he ONLY likes your friend, don't do it, as he'll use you to get to your friend.

talk to your friend about it honey, if she likes him back off

it depends if the boy you like likes you back.

Ask him if he likes your friend and if he doesn't, then you ask him out or something like that, but if he does, hook them up and be happy that they are happy.

If you don't like your girlfriend, ditch her for your best friend

You can't control who he likes and doesn't like. Just know that if he's with you, then he obviously likes you more. As long as your friend doesn't like him back, your relationship with your friend should be fine too.

maybe HE likes youu, or maybe he knows that the guy that YOU like, likes you back .

Just tell him how you feel by saying that you like him but that your confused ob who be really likes you or your.friend. or talk to friend and work thing out

Nothing. Well if you're a good friend. And if your best friend likes him back then you would help them get together. But if your best friend doesn't like him. Then try to get closer to him. He'll like you if you're hot.

See if your friend would care or be loyal to your friend and not like them till she is over them

Well Dont Get Mad At Your Friend Jst Be Yourself Annd Maybe She Will Like You Back

You might want to ask yourself how much he likes you, and how much you like him.If your friend likes him back, you might have to sit back and wait and see if it works out.If not, offer your support to both of them.If your friend doesn't like him back, perhaps ask her to talk to him and tell him she likes him as a friend, but no more, and hint about you and him.But generally, just keep on being friends with him, and remember he might be confused about who he likes more between you, and probably right now he needs friendship, not romance!

You shouldn't have the friend tell him... you should tell him yourself, that is if you know he likes you back. if you aren't sure that he likes you, show it in your actions. if he responds.... :)

Make him interested in you. If your friend doesn't mind at all. because maybe she likes him too, but knowing that you like him, she said that she doesn't like him.

by pulling your ping out and telling her that you want to insert it in her poophole, and if she says yes, then she likes you back

Great friend you have. If the guy says he likes your friend to her face she should say how she doesn't like him and he should go for someone else.( and kinda point how he should like you, but not in a obvious way.)

if you realy like him do this go to your best an ask her does she like him back make sure she says no then you ask him doesif he likes your best friend say she does not like you back but i do if you do every thing right you should be going out with him

Dont worry they are plenty of people in the world lifes too short for clinging on a person that dosent like you find someone who understands you and likes you back in time you wont remember the other person :-D

Back off. keep out of the way and give your friend a chance to get the guys interested in her. That is, unless you like him too. then its up to the guy to decide who he likes.

She could or she could have taken it asyour friend was confessing to her cause theline my friend likes you is usually used asa form of bait

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