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Q: What if you used a tampon before you knew you were pregnant?
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Can a tampon get you pregnant and if so how?

No. The only use of a tampon is for your period. It replaces a napkin, and a tampon needs to be replaced often to prevent bacteria growing on it and killing you. These are not toys and should not be used or worn unless on your period.

Can a tampon carry an STD?

A used tampon can carry a STD.

Can you use a tampon during pregnancy?

NO. If you are pregnant, you are not menstruating and should have no reason to use a tampon. If you experience enough bleeding during pregnancy to warrant the use of a tampon or napkin, call your doctor or go to the emergency room.

What is a bumba clat?

it is a used tampon

What would happen to the baby if you were pregnant and you did not know it and you had your period and used a tampon?

Someone needs to go back to school - two someone's given the answer to this question.It is biologically impossible for you to menstruate while pregnant - menstruation is a specific bodily function that follows ovulation if pregnancy does not occur, you do not ovulate or menstruate while pregnant. Using a tampon won't hurt the baby per say, it would however give the mother a serious vaginal infection and risk her contracting TSS (which may then impact on the baby).

What are tampon sticks?

Tampon sticks are sticks that are used to push tampons into place. They are a basic form of applicator.

How soon can you use tampons after inserting Mirena?

My doctor told me I should wait two days before I used a tampon or had sex.

Can a vibrater pop a girls cherry?

Yes it can - you are technically not a virgin if you have used a tampon. Therefore a tampon can 'pop your cherry'.

Can you get HPV from using a tampon?

No since HPV is a STD/STI Its impossible, unless you used a dirty tampon, from a different carrier.

Can you be pregnant if you used withdrawal 12 days before your period?


Should you put a tampon in when your pregnant?

No, tampons should not be used when not menstruating - if you're pregnant then you do not menstruate and thus no reason at all for you to use tampons. Tampons used when not menstruating can be painful and will increase your risk of developing vaginal infections and well as Toxic Shock Syndrome.If you're bleeding while pregnant you need to talk to your doctor or go to hospital.

Is it easier or harder to remove a used tampon?

In theory it should be easier to remove a tampon. When you come to remove a tampon it will be saturated with blood, assuming you've used it correctly, so it will be softer and better lubricated so there is less friction upon removal.

What is brushed cotton best used for?

Make-shift tampon.

What did people do before they knew what a meter was?

They used other units of measurement for length (such as the foot or yard).

Exercising while pregnant?

is still good for u , but not to exercise more than u used to do before getting pregnant

What is a tampon used for?

Grown women of childbearing age bleed each month for up to a week. That is called menstruation and only happens when they are not pregnant. That blood and other material leaves the body, and female hygiene products like pads and tampons are used to catch the blood and reduce messes.

Do you take out the tampon applicator when you use a tampon?

You first put your thumb and middle finger on the applicator and insert the tampon. Make sure the tampon goes all the way in and only the string is hanging out. Then remove the applicator and throw it away.

What is bumbaclad?

It is a slang term for a used tampon. Or dried menstrual blood.

Is it normal to feel sore after you use a tampon for the first time?

Yes it is after I used a tampon for the first time it irritated me and hurt a bit, but you should be fine after

Does using a tampon before starting your period make it start?

No, using tampons before your period will not cause it to start.When you menstruate is determined by your menstrual cycle, a domino effect of hormonal changes that cause ovulation and in turn menstruation. A tampon is a wad of material inserted into the vaginal canal, it doesn't even come in contact with reproductive organs let alone influence them or the hormones that control them. A tampon shouldn't be used when not menstruating, it's not safe.

How do you change a tampon?

You simply pull the tampon string gently but firmly - or insert clean fingers vaginally to grab the tampon itself in order to remove. Once removed you wrap-up the used tampon and throw in the waste bin, or if you'reusing reusable tampons clean out in the sink. You can then insert a fresh tampon or reinsert the reusable tampon - although it's best to alternate with pads after tampon use.

How does a tampon look like when it is outside?

If you are talking bout what it looks like when you put it in you its just a string hanging out. I have used Tampons before so that's what it looks like.

I haven't used a tampon before?

Talk with your adult caregiver (mom if she is in the picture) or a trusted adult female. Every young woman faces this and women are happy to help you.

How long do you have to be off the pill before you can fall pregnant?

Typically a woman who had normal periods before using the pill will ovulate 2-4 weeks after stopping the pill. The average couple will get pregnant in six months, whether the pill was used before or never used.

Is it normal to only bleed on one side of your tampon after childbirth?

Yes, both before and after childbirth, a woman may notice, from time to time or with every period, that only one side of the tampon seems to get used. This situation has no clinical significance (i.e. it doesn't mean anything).