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What if you violate your parole because of a misdemeanor?

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Odds are you will be returned to custody. Depending on the severity of the violation, you may be put on more sever restrictions or even returned to prison.

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What happens if you are sentenced with a misdemeanor while on parole?

This will be a violation of your parole stipulations, and your parole may be revoked.

What happens if you violate a misdemeanor probation with another misdemeanor?

You are punished for the first misdemeanor AND the second one, too.

Can you violate your parole for a ticket for littering in Nevada?

You can, but if you do your parole officer could revoke your parole and send you back to prison. The conditions of your parole on criminal violations is clear, none.

Is perjury a violation of parole?

Any violation of any criminal statute, felony or misdemeanor, is a violation of parole.

If you violate your parole can your Parole Officer have you released?

No. Your PO has a lot of power to put you back inside, but has none in releasing you. You need a judge for that.

How do you get felony plead down to a misdemeanor while on parole?

The simple answer is you don't, and it will not matter regardless. If while on parole you are charged with another felony, your parole will be violated, and you will be returned to prison.

What does parole violation mean?

When you are granted parole, you are released under your acceptance to live your life, and conduct yourself, according to the provisions of the parole. If you violate any one of these, you have 'violated' your parole. Your parole document should reflect these limitations and provisions. Read them.

Who does a parole officer answer to if they violate a parolee's rights?

They would answer to law enforcement and the courts.

If you serve your sentence and are put on mandatory parole do they take away earned time if you violate?

Yes. If you violate the provisions of your parole you can lose your "good time" just as surely as you would have if you had violated regulations while you were still incarcerated.

Is a second DUI in nc a malicious misdemeanor?

No, especially if you're on parole or probation a second DUI can be a felony or misdemeanor that results in a heavier sentence.

Does a parole officer have the right to enter premisses with no answer to knock?

He may if he has reasonable suspicion that the supervisee is in danger or engaged in activities that would violate the conditions of his parole.

What happens if while on parole you violate the conditions and are ordered to a parole hearing?

You should go to the hearing, be on time, dress neatly, and be prepared to return to prison.

Under what circumstances can a person be placed on a parole hold?

It's pretty much up to the parole agent. There's such a wide scope that corrections has that they can violate a parolee at will.

If someone is on Parole in Marin County can they relocate to Solano County?

It depends on the terms of the parole. If those terms state that you must not leave the county, then there is your answer. But before you go anywhere, check with your parole officer to make sure you don't do something to violate your parole.

How do you use the word violate in a sentence?

If those two men meet, each one will violate the conditions under which he was granted parole and be subject to re-imprisonment.

When on parole for misdemeanor battery will the airport have a record to stop an individual from leaving the country?

Unlikely. CAUTION: Read your parole carefully to be certain that it doesn't have some stipulation that you have some kind of travel limitation. This is doubtful for a misdemeanor offense, but you can't be too careful.

Can a felon own a air rifle in VA?

Yes, provided that are not on probation or parole, and that it does not violate the terms set by their parole officer. Air rifles are not considered firearms in VA.

Can you have a charge and become a parole officer?

Misdemeanor charge yes. Felony charge very doubtful.

Will a Class C Misdemeanor effect your parole?

Parole rules and regulations are set by the various states or countries and are normally done by the Parole Board. In most cases I would say, yes, any criminal activity you committed while on parole would have an effect on your terms of parole and could have you returned to jail.

What happens if you violate parole with a felony?

Your parole will be revoked and you will be sent back to prison to not only serve the unexpired term of your original sentence, but also to be tried and sentenced for the new crime.

Can parole be violated in Louisiana on a misdemeanor arrest?

Parole officers/Parole Board have HUGELY broad discretion under the laws of this state (I think all states really). Absolutely they can "violate" a parolee; moreover, for an arrest of any time they can "revoke" parole altogether, sending a parolee back into custody for the remainder of her original sentence at time of parole (it's statutory law, don't know citation). Oh, and this most drastic penalty applies not just for a misdemeanor arrest, but even a lesser infraction (common example i've noticed: parolee late or absent at hearing, etc.) me, I think that's big scary power. In Louisiana, there's not a whole lot of rhyme or reason to the parole/probation processes, just the condescending assurance that these are a blessing from heaven, and that they are angry gawds That's the simple answer...I'm not qualified to elaborate.

What is the verb for violation?

The verb of violation is violate.Other verbs are violates, violating and violated.Some examples are:"I will violate my parole"."She violates the terms of her employment"."He needs to stop violating the law"."He violated the rules and cheated".

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