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What if your 94 Buick Skylark will not stay running?


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Try getting the PCV pipe replaced. Mine had a problem with it conking-out at stops and on turns and that turned-out to be the problem. It could also be a vacuum leak.


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It is underneath the car. Right by where the oil filter is there is a little cap, and that is it.

It's at the bottom of the dash where your left leg is while driving

No, GM vehicles do not have an inertia switch.

I wouldn't give it more than 4 or 5 months, tops.

Not enough info, please reask question with year, make, model, and engine size.

the rear door of the 94 buick regal is locked & will not open

might be a clogged fuel filter

You neeed to repair what is causing the light to come on. Then remove the neg battery cable for 30 seconds.

5 w 30 is what the manufacturer recommends but using 10 w 30 won't hurt. The lower the first number, the better is will run in cold weather.

Just turn the housing the bulb is in and pull it out. Remove and replace the bulb the same way. For the rear lights, you have to push on a tab to release the housing the bulbs are in.

Doesn't a 94 Buick have Throttle Body Injection? Try running injector cleaner through the fuel system first. As always, follow the manufacturers recomendations.


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94 Buick Lesabre replaced battery and alternator and the alternator is not charging the battery. Battery light is on and off. Is this fusable link. If so where is it located

I got a '94 Buick Skylark Custom Sedan, but all are the same, first pull your back seat down, just grab it and jerk it and it will fold down where you can work. Then take a knife and pop the black plastic bolts holding the cover on in the back window, this covers the whole back. Then just unscrew the screws holding the speaker in, and then lift out. That's it.

A 2WD 4L60E from 96 will work for a 94 application, yes.

a good indication of blown head gasket is water in the oil. so if you pull oil dipstick the oil will be white and gooy.also oil in radiator is another indication,and collant leaking from area between head and block

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Just once it ran out? The '94 buick roadmaster uses an in tank fuel pump, and uses your cars fuel as lubricant for the fuel pump. There is a possibility when you ran out of gas, the pump was starved of it's lubricant and went kaput.

Try those Chilton's repair manuals from Amazon or Ebay. They're dirt cheap by now.

It does not have a timing belt. It has a chain.

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