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try to charge it until the light is green

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What is the differenve between Nintendo ds and Nintendo ds lite?

Nintendo ds is older, fatter, dark screen Nintendo ds lite is thin, bright screen so you can actually see and buttons are better

Nintendo ds lite screen not working it stays black but its fully charged?

then there's not much you can do, probably need to send it back to Nintendo to get it fixed (:

Is a Nintendo ds lite touch screen?

The lower screen is a touch sensitive screen.

Does the Nintendo lite have a touch screen?

The Nintendo DS was specifically created because it HAD a touch screen. Therefore, its improved model the: Nintendo DS Lite would have to have a touch screen. Therefore, the even more improved model called: Nintendo DSi also has a touch screen. Hope this helps.

Does the original DS have bigger screens than the DS lite?

No, the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS lite have the same screen size.

What if your Nintendo ds lite screen is all white on the bottom screen?

: Nintendo support site suggests that there may be a fault with the cartridge - try cleaning the gold contacts. : If the screens go white or black intermittently, more likely there is a problem with your DS. : Their advice is to phone customer support for advice!

Nintendo DS lite what are the features?

The Nintendo DS Lite has a brighter screen the the original Nintendo DS and it's slimmer as well other than that there are no huge differences

Can you hook up a Nintendo DS lite to a Nintendo Wii so you can play it on the TV screen?


Why does the Nintendo DS Lite have two screens?

One is the touch screen.

What is the deffrence between Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite?

there is NT much difference...but the ds lite is acout 0.5 cm thinner and the screen is brighter there is NT much difference...but the ds lite is acout 0.5 cm thinner and the screen is brighter

What is the difference between the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite?

well, the Nintendo ds stylus is in the back of the system, while the ds lite is on side and is easier to acess! The ds is bigger and heavier, while the ds lite is lighter. Also the ds has a darker screen,while the ds lite has a lighter screen. As far as games they're both the same

How do you fix a Nintendo DS lite top screen?

bring it to a shop and get it fixed

How big is the Nintendo 3DS XL?

The screen is 4.2 larger then the DS lite.

Nintendo DS lite will not power up - both screen flashes on then off?

Charge your DS Lite/ DSi

How can you get GBA to work on Nintendo DS lite?

You will need:Nintendo DS or DS LiteGBA gameMethod:If there is anything in the Slot-2 of your DS, take it out.Put the GBA game into the DS's Slot-2Power on your DSPress 'Start GBA Game' on the bottom screen.

How does the ds lite work?

It works through nuclear reactions with the top screen and the bottom screen

Is there a black Nintendo DS lite?

Yes there is, there is also a blue, red, green and white Nintendo DS.

What if the top screen on your Nintendo DS Lite is black but only turns on if you slightly open the DS?

There is nothing wrong when that happens. When you close the DS/Lite/I it goes into sleep mode, which is what you should do when away from the DS to save energy.

How do you change time on Nintendo ds lite?

# Turn on Ds Lite # At middle bottom of the touch screen should be a picture of the ds. # hit it # go to the picture of the calender with a clock in front of it # go to the clock picture on the right # Set time

Where can one purchase a Nintendo DS Lite in Onyx Black?

A Nintendo DS Lite in the color of Onyx Black can be purchased online through Amazon and eBay. It is no longer sold through the Nintendo website, as they are currently only carrying blue and red.

Who is the creator of the Nintendo DS lite?

The creator of Nintendo DS Lite is the company Nintendo.

What colors are available for the Nintendo DS Lite 5 in 1 Combo?

The Nintendo DS Lite 5 in 1 Combo comes in Black,Pink,Silver and Blue

What version is a Nintendo DS lite?

it looks different and the screen has more light and you can adjust the light

Why doesn't your Nintendo ds lite touch screen work properly?

It's probably broken

How do you fix the top ds lite screen?